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Allium Hair (Pack of 25 Bulbs)

Allium Hair (Pack of 25 Bulbs) Alliums

Bulbs for sale for Autumn dispatch

Also known as Ornamental Onions
Genus Allium Hair
Colours Green and purple
Aspect Full Sun with well-drained soil
Height 60-70 cm /24-28"
Planting period Autumn
Flowering period June
Soil Type Fertile, well drained
Bulb Size 5/6cm
Hardiness Hardy
Shipping est Order now for delivery in the Autumn
Delivery time Autumn delivery (Sept to Nov 2020)
Also suitable for containers Yes
Scented Unscented
Double flowered No
Border Position Middle/Back

Description of Allium Hair (Pack of 25 Bulbs) Alliums

Well, if ever a name describes a product, this one certainly does! Allium Hair is a hairy but exotic looking allium with green and purple hair like flowers that will be in bloom during the month of June. 
Despite not following the usual flower like form, Allium Hair is still rather pretty with its unruly hair-like tendrils that make a talking point of your garden! This flower really is an unbeatable choice for being a attention seeker! 

(Pack of 25 Bulbs)

Allium Bulbs for Sale | Allium Hair | Gold Medal Winning Harts Nursery

Planting and growing instructions: Allium Bulbs for Sale | Allium Hair | Gold Medal Winning Harts Nursery

  • Choose a location to plant your Allium Bulbs, they like to be in full sunlight and well-drained soil.
  • Once you have found the perfect spot in your garden to grow your Alliums, you need to dig holes in the flower bed that are three times the circumference of the bulb. For example, if the bulb is two inches in size then it needs to be planted six inches deep.
  • Plant the bulbs about 8-12inches apart. For impact, plant in groups.
  • Alliums work well in rockeries and crowded gardens as they don't take up much space.
  • The Allium bulbs need to be planted pointy end up.
  • Water the bulb well once in situ.
  • To help the soil drain well it is also beneficial to spread mulch, wood chips and organic matter over the entire planting area.
  • Alliums will flower around May/June.
  • Cut the Alliums back at the end of their blooming season. They will then continue to grow in your garden year on year with very little maintenance.

Plant care: Allium Bulbs for Sale | Allium Hair | Gold Medal Winning Harts Nursery

  • Allow flower to die back and remove any dead foliage in early Summer.
  • Remove any dead stems that become detached from their bases.
  • Alliums are hardy and can therefore be left in the ground all year round.
  • Keep an eye out for any diseased foliage.
  • Seldom need support.

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