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Dahlia 'Onesta' (Pack of 3 Tubers/Bulbs)
Dahlia 'Onesta' (Pack of 3 Tubers/Bulbs) Dahlia Onesta

Dahlia 'Onesta' (Pack of 3 Tubers/Bulbs) Dahlia

Pack of 3 Dahlia Tubers for sale

Genus Dahlia
Colours Cream
Aspect Full Sun/Partial Shade
Height 100cm
Planting period Spring
Flowering period June, July, August, September
Soil Type Well-drained, Fertile Soil
Size for this price TOP SIZE TUBERS!!
Shipping est 3-5 workings days
Delivery time Feb to May 2020
Also suitable for containers Yes
Scented No

Description of Dahlia 'Onesta' (Pack of 3 Tubers/Bulbs) Dahlia

A pure white bloom with a full and fluffy, heavenly appearance! Dahlia Onesta is a firm favourite for wedding bouquets and floral decorations. And it's not hard to understand why when you see the huge blooms.
This gorgeous, decorative Dahlia 'Onesta' is not only popular with brides but it will also attract butterflies and bees. It is an excellent cut flower and is easy to grow in full sun for many months in the summer.  

Dahlia 'Onesta' from the Award winning Harts Nursery

Planting and growing instructions: Dahlia 'Onesta' from the Award winning Harts Nursery

  • Once the risk of frost has past, usually March or early April, find a sunny position with well-drained soil.
  • Dig a hole about 30cm deep and 30cm square for each Dahlia Tuber. Allow 75cm spacing between each tuber. (The spacing may vary depending on the final size of the variety.)
  • If planting in pots, use a 2 to 3 litre pot or 12" in diameter and fill with multi-purpose compost. Use a slow-release fertiliser to promote strong growth.  
  • If planting in the garden, mulch over to protect them from the risk of any frost, douse the hole with a watering can full of water and cane as you plant. 
  • See 'Care Instructions' for more information.

Plant care: Dahlia 'Onesta' from the Award winning Harts Nursery

  • Support Dahlias with canes on planting and tie in as growth develops.
  • When your Dahlias reach about 40cm in height, pinch out the growing tips with your thumb and forefinger or use a sharp knife. This will encourage branching.
  • Water once a week with a good amount not just a little sprinkle.
  • Deadhead flowers as they fade.
  • Once the first frosts have blackened the foliage, cut the plants back to the ground.
  • In well-drained soils, leave the tubers in the ground and cover with a generous layer of bark chips or compost to protect them from frost. In colder climates or heavier soils, lift and store your tubers over winter.  Replant the following spring. 
Lifting and Storing over winter:
  • Cut back foliage and carefully lift the tubers out of the soil.
  • Allow the tubers to dry off naturally and then clean away any soil. 
  • Trim the stems back to 15-20cm and cut off any fine roots.
  • Make sure the tubers are completely dry before storing them into open trays or boxes. Pack with peat-free compost or dry sand. Leave the crowns exposed. 

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