Lily Trials at Reaseheath College

We have been to Reaseheath college this morning to deliver 600 lilies for them to trial in their state of the art greenhouse, what an amazing set up it was. Reaseheath College is based near us near nantwich and is a big horticultural college.

They also showed us the tomato vines. They are currently running a crop to monitor the growth process under different lighting techniques. This will help them determine the quality of marketable fruit under different light conditions in the winter period so tomatoes will be able to be grown all year round in the UK. The varieties they are currently growing are ‘piccolo’ a small cherry-on-the-vine tomato (you can often find these in supermarkets!) and cocktail variety ‘Brioso’. I was fortunate enough to try one of their piccolo tomatoes – I have to say it was one of the best tomatoes I have ever eaten! It was like eating a sweet. So much flavour and bursting with sweetness.
Their horticulture program is fantastic and as there never seems enough people to fill jobs in the sector, a great career choice. We are excited to see how the lilies develop there!

Lilies for sale at Malvern Spring Show

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Will it be too late to buy my lilies at the Malvern spring show and will you have most varieties for sale?

No it’s not too late, you will still be able to buy lilies from us at the Malvern Spring show and we will have plenty to choose from along with many other summer flowering bulbs on both our stands. We look forward to seeing you there.

Loraine Hart

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Wisley Spring Plant Fair

This past weekend we went to our first show of the season, Wisley spring plant fair. We had some really great weather, with the sunshine and warm spell coming to the UK.
We were so busy we didn’t manage to get many photos of the show, but took these photos showing spring flowers have well and truly come out now! We can’t wait for more to start popping up.
A very big thanks you for those who took the time to stop by our stand and say hello or purchase lily bulbs. We really appreciate it!

Getting Ready for Flower Show Season

(Pictured above is Holland Beauty and Roselily Leona)
We’ve been very busy packing orders and getting ready for our first show of the season this week, March 24th where we will be headed to the Wisley Spring plant fair. It’s a great show to kick off the season and a wonderful place to pick up spring bulbs, seeds and flowers from the many nurseries that attend. We’d love it if you stopped by our booth!
A couple weeks after we are headed to the RHS Cardiff flower show which begins on April 7th. With beautiful show gardens to get inspiration from, interactive talks from gardening experts, and activities for kids, not to mention all the floral displays specialist nurseries like ourselves will be showing. It’s a great day out for the whole family.
We look forward to meeting some of you, and saying hello again to our repeat customers at this years shows!

Is March too late to order lilies?

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Am I too late to submit an order now for lily bulbs?

No not at all. You can order your lilies bulbs from us until the end of May at and we will dispatch your order within 3-5 working days.

Loraine Hart

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Caring for lilies in containers over winter

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Deborah Thacker

How do I care for my rose lilies in containers over winter?

All Lilies can tolerate very cold conditions, in fact they like a cold dormant stage but they do not like to get wet.
If planting in pots, make sure lilies are kept moist but do not get waterlogged.
Lily bulbs do not like to be dried out so they must be kept in soil at all times.
If planting in pots, it may be an idea to tilt the pots on their side in the winter to prevent waterlog.
When the Lily has finished flowering, cut any seed heads back and allow the foliage to die back naturally. Do not be tempted to cut the stem back until stems become hollow and brown.

Loraine Hart

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Which Pollen Free lilies have the strongest fragrance?

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Which pollen free lilies have the strongest fragrance (which I adore), are they as strong as regular stamen lilies? I have a cat and also want them for cut flowers.

We would suggest the whiter lilies have the strongest fragrance. But have you tried the Roselilies? They are gorgeous, pollen free and highly scented but maybe not as fragrant as regular stamen lilies. Here are some suggestions:

Roselily Natalia
Roselily Pamela

Loraine Hart

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Why Choose Roselilies

Roselily ‘Elena’

Roselilies are a newer line of pollen-free, double-flowering oriental lilies. These lilies were developed by ‘De Looff’ Lily Breeding & Innovation Company, and only a few years after they started breeding lilies they discovered a spontaneous mutation – a double-flowering lily they named the roselily for its similarities to a rose.

Roselily ‘Julia’

Roselilies prefer ericaceous (acidic) compost and like to be planted in a sunny position. There are a wide variety of colours with some having the speckles of some more commonly known lilies. Some varieties of roselily can grow up to 100cm tall, with most averaging around 70-80cm.

Roselily ‘Annika’
and Roselily ‘Editha’

They are highly scented making them a great addition to not only your garden but they also make brilliant cut flowers for inside your home. They tend to be quite hardy and last a few days longer than traditional lilies for a longer vase life. As they are hardy they are perfect for use in floral arrangements for special occasions or in wedding bouquets. In fact, they are perfect for wedding bouquets as they don’t contain the pollen that could potentially stain. If you are using roselilies as cut flower, they can last up to 14 days when cared for properly. Cut between 4-5cm off the bottom of the stem, ensure no leaves are touching the water, regularly add and replace dirty water and add cut flower food if you have some.
You can shop our roselily collection on our website here.

June flowering lily bulbs

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I would like to grow some lillies in pots that will flower in June
My daughter is getting married mid June 2018 the reception is in our garden and we would love to have pots of lillies brightening up the garden but not sure which ones to chose.

Hello there,
Have you seen the lovely Double Oriental lily called ‘My Wedding’? This would be a beautiful lily for your daughter’s wedding but it may flower a little later than June. Therefore, we would recommend trying Asiatic lilies as these flower the earliest. Please see below for some suggestions:
Loraine Hart

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