Reflexes petal lillies

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Barbara McDonald

Do you have a collection of reflex lillies – like Flora Plena?

We do stock some on our website such as Speciosum uchida, Henryii, Flore pleno and night flyer.

Loraine Hart

After care.

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Hello, I have recently aquired 6 Crown Lilies. I have read up on how to look after them once the blooms have faded. Do I feed them until the stems wither, when do I cut the stems off? The advice I have read seems very conflicting.
Do you sell the bulbs? I would like some Yellow & Red Bulbs. Mine are all Orange.

You can just let them die back naturally, Cut the seed head off and let the stem die back into the bulb. Feeding is not rely required. we sell the bulbs in the autumn.

Loraine Hart

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Tulip Bulbs

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Will you have tulip bulbs for flowering in 2018?

Yes, we will have Tulip bulbs available to order in the Summer. They will be dispatched and ready for planting in the Autumn.

Loraine Hart

Harrogate Spring Flower Show

Harrogate Flower Show is set to be another great one this year and we are ready to see everyone, so we do hope you pop by our stands. We will be outside selling bulbs and other summer flowering plants, and inside the Plant Pavilion at stand 37 (see below) with our fragrant display of lilies – you can’t miss us with the huge array of glorious colours and scent! The show is on from today until Sunday 23rd April!
Before everyone comes in, we got to have a wander around the grounds and see some stunning plants and displays. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect at this year’s Harrogate Flower show.
While having a look at some of the amazing exhibits set up around the site, Loraine couldn’t resist getting a photo with some of the amazing dresses created by award-winning Christchurch, NZ costumier and artist Jenny Gillies. Jenny combined her love of gardens and flowers to create a range of floral gowns for this years spring theme, ‘HortCouture”. Each dress is fabulous and a true work of art.
There’s a new plant pavilion, some amazing spring show gardens, tips on how to get the best out of your kitchen gardens, gardening talks and more. It promises to be a great show, so do pop by and say hi if you’re about.

We are very happy to announce we received a Premier Gold award this morning so we are going into the weekend very happy indeed!

Just to say your lilies are great!

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S Calvert

So glad I have found you. The lilies you offer are different and brilliant. Good to find ones I have not seen before. The price is good too!

Thank you so much for getting in touch. We really appreciate the feedback!

Loraine Hart

How do I care for a Stargazer lily in a pot?

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I was given a stargazer lily in a pot. It is indoors. The leaves are falling off. What can I do? Should i plant it outside?

Yes put it outside whilst it’s dying back and then it should flower again next year.
Kind regards

Loraine Hart

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At the RHS Cardiff Flower Show 2017

We had a glorious sunny weekend at RHS Cardiff last week, and wanted to share some photos of our outside display, the before and after. Jonathan prepared the outside garden display and selling area while Loraine and Pat were inside with the lily display.
We’ve also had a busy week with online sales as BBC Gardeners’ World featured our gizmo lily bulbs (pictured in bloom below) on Friday night’s episode. If you want to snap some of these up before they’re gone, you better be quick! You can find them for sale online in our shop.
Not only are we busy with the mail order, we are now preparing for the Harrogate flower show which is on next week. We have 3 stands there. No rest for us now that it’s show season! We hope to see some of you there.

Look out for Lily Beetles!

Now’s the time to start checking your foliage on your lilies and fritillaria for the dreaded scarlett beetle. I’ve just been out in my garden and found 4!! Those little pests were soon removed to prevent them from ruining the leaves of my plants.
We have tips to prevent these beetles from ruining your plants and other care tips on our FAQ page.

Am I able to collect an order from your nursery?

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Hi, I’d like to order some lilies and was wondering if I could collect the bulbs from the nursery, rather than have them sent out. I do live very close!

Yes you’re more than welcome to collect your order from the nursery. Please call us on 07855785540 to arrange your order and collection.

Loraine Hart

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