Allium bulbs

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I saw fabulous alliums at the RHS show in Chatsworth
1. Do you have any of the giant ones in stock
2. What type of soil should I plant them in please

Hi Debbie
We have plenty of Alliums available to order from Summer 2018. They will be dispatched from September next year now.
Kind regards

Loraine Hart

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Roland Deem

Hi, can these lily’s be grown indoors?

Hi there,
Lilies need to be planted out side as they like a cold dormant phase throughout the winter.
Best wishes

Loraine Hart

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Alyson Holland

Will you have any Muscadet lilies for planting spring 2018?
Many thanks

Unfortunately, Muscadet has been discontinued.
Sorry about that – have you seen Extravaganza? That’s a beautiful variety.

Extravaganza (harts1093)

Loraine Hart

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bulb production

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Am considering purchasing bulbs for some lily-loving friends. As an organic gardener myself, I would like to know whether neonicotinoids are used in the production of your bulbs.
Many thanks,

Hi Leann,
No Pesticides are used in our bulb production.

Hope this helps.

Loraine Hart

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soil type

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Les Healey

I have a large bed available on my allotment and I would like to grow 15/20 different lilies the soil is clay but is well manured.
Could you suggest different varieties of lilies that would be suitable.
I am also looking to grow some in containers but I think this would be more straight forward because I could buy the correct compost for each lily.
Thank you for your time in this matter.

Hello Les,
As lily bulbs must have well-drained soil, clay soil isn’t suitable for them however if as you say you have worked the soil with manure and you can make sure sure you have good drainage underneath, the lilies will be fine. Any of the lilies would be suitable but you will find that the oriental trumpets are the sturdiest and produce an abundance of bloom and are fantastic for allotments. (Really scented too). Hope this helps Les.

Nymph (harts1027)

Kind regards

Loraine Hart

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Which soils for different lilies?

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Lynn Francis

Could you please tell me what is the diference between soils? It gets confusing. I have been having success growing my lillies in John innes 1- 2- 3
and also Miracle grow compost, which seems to give me better results. I have been growing in containers, but I am planning to remove and plant in the ground,
Will this be better for the lilies?

Hi Lynn
If you are planting them in the garden you must have well-drained soil. I would need to know which varieties of lilies you have to advise which soil is best. Orientals need an Acidic soil. Asiatics lilies require an Alkaline Soil. Really, if you have a well-drained soil, replant them in the garden and see how they grow, you can always put them back in pots if they don’t do so well. I hope this help.

Loraine Hart

Roselily Bulb Collection (Pack of 10 Bulbs)

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Mary McCoy

Will you post Rose Lillies to Republic of Ireland? I would like to send them as a Christmas gift….
Please can you me know asap?
Thank you.
Mrs Mary McCoy

Hi Mary
We do ship to ROI however all our lily bulbs are dispatched in the Spring ready for planting. Alternatively, you could send a Gift Certificate as a Christmas Present:
Loraine Hart

Asiatic lily

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janette button

Am I too late to plant Asiatic lilies. Should I wait until the spring?
Many thanks

Hi Janette
Lilies need planting straight away. They appreciate a cold dormant phase so they are happy to be left in their pots (or in the ground) over winter.

Loraine Hart

Tree like Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs)

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Mrs Margaret Brown

How do I plant tree lilly bulbs?
How deep, space apart etc?

Oriental Trumpet (Tree-like) Lily Bulbs should be planted in the Spring.
Find a location with full sun or partial shade with well-drained soil.
Oriental Trumpet Lilies can tolerate most soil types, Acidic or Alkaline.
Arrange the Lilies in an odd-number grouping.
If planting in the garden, plant the bulbs about 8″ apart. Space the groupings at least 3 feet apart.
If planting in pots, plant 3 bulbs in a 10-14″ ‘patio type’ pot using good-quality, multi-purpose compost.
Plant the bulbs with 4-6″ of soil above them.

Kind regards
Loraine Hart


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Alan Broadley

Are you going to be at RHS Wisley craft fair later this week, if so can buy some more rose lily bulbs from you?

Hi Alan
Unfortunately we won’t be at the RHS Wisley Craft fair as we are busy in the nursery with our Christmas Holly Wreaths. However, you can pre-order your Roselilies online for February delivery:

Roselily Bulb Collection (Pack of 10 Bulbs) (SKU17653)

Kind regards

Loraine Hart

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