rose lilies

This question was asked by
Alan Broadley

Will you have a stand at RHS Wisley spring plant fair? Will the Roselily collection @ £17.50 be available? Regards alan

Hi Alan
Yes we will have plenty of roselilies available to purchase at the RHS Wisley Spring Plant fair. We may not have that particular offer on but they will be sold as a show offer.

Kind regards

Loraine Hart

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Snow!! Storing my Tree-like lily bulb collection

This question was asked by
Margaret Holpin

Received my order, all good thank you. How long should I hold off before planting due to this weather, we have 12 in deep in my garden in Kent. What is the best way to store then until then. Thank for your help

Hi Margaret
Gosh that’s a lot of snow! You can store your bulbs somewhere cool for a few weeks, that will be fine. Hopefully this weather won’t last too long!
Hope you keep warm!

Loraine Hart

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Lily Beetle

This question was asked by
Tina Brighton

Is there any deterrent for the lily beetle or is it just a case of keeping vigilant and squashing the little red devils when you see them? Thank you

Hi Tina
Being vigilant is key to keeping the lily beetles from ruining your lilies! However, we also suggest the following:

1) Spray with Imidcloprid and sunflower oil (or Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer).
2) If you do not like using insecticides then spraying with diluted fairy liquid or crushed garlic in water have been suggested. Crush a whole corm of garlic in a small pan of boiling water. Allow to cool, strain and put in a small container in the fridge. When using, dilute three parts water to one part garlic solution. Spray often, every few days, especially when it has rained. There is a garlic product available in garden centres and stores, but this is a much cheaper alternative.
3) More recently, a customer has tried planting their lily bulbs alongside a garlic and this has been quite successful in keeping these creatures away.
4) Alternatively, we have been advising our customers to spray their lilies with NEEM oil to eradicate the lily beetle!
Hope one of these suggestions will help you to keep your lilies looking as lovely as they should.
Loraine Hart

Soil for Double Oriental Lily 'My Wedding'

This question was asked by
Susan Matthews

Should these be potted using ericaceous compost as they are going in tubs? Many thanks

Hello Susan,
Yes, Oriental Lilies like ericaceous (acidic) soil. You can try mixing it half and half with John Innes No. 3 for best results.

Happy Gardening!
Loraine Hart

Compost for Lankon Lily

This question was asked by
Pauline George

I have received my order today including a Lankon Lily, can you tell me if it needs acidic or alkaline compost as I cannot find it on the website at the moment.
Thank you

Hi there,
We advise using an acidic soil for Lankon, John Innes No3 mixed (50/50) with a multi-purpose compost would work brilliantly.

Best wishes
Loraine Hart

Lily storage and the cold weather ahead

This question was asked by
Joan gibson

I have received my order of lily bulbs from you today, and read they must be planted asap, but the soil is frozen with forecast of snow. How long can I keep them as they are, and where is the best place…
Many thanks

Hi there,
This is a really good question for all our customers receiving their lilies this week. You’re right, the weather is looking rather cold with the risk of snow so it’s not ideal to get out in the garden to start planting. Don’t worry though, your lilies will be absolutely fine if kept somewhere cold (e.g a garage) for a few weeks until the wintery spell has passed and you can get our and enjoy your garden!

Thanks for a great question.
Loraine Hart

Mapira Lilies

This question was asked by
C. Keef

Hello, I ordered 6 mapira lilies back on June 27th 2017. I seem to remember the order said they would be delivered in February 2018. Please can you confirm this is the case as they have not yet arrived so I am assuming they are due.
Thank you. Chloe

Hi Chloe

Thanks for getting in touch! Good news, your lilies are nearly ready and will be dispatched next week.
Mapira (harts1163)

Best wishes!

Loraine Hart

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Manipulation of flowering times

This question was asked by
john waddington

Having seen your displays at several shows both early and late in the seasons it is evident that you have some experience of ‘timing’ the flowering of certain cultivars. I am a keen grower of the lily (Orientals mainly) and also like to exhibit flowers at the local horticultural show, can you give any general advice regarding planting times/how to stagger those times to achieve flowers in bloom …say for early September
-most of mine want to start flowering in mid July and have been and gone by the end of
regards John
ps i’ll see you at Harrogate as usual

Hi John
We would advise planting your lilies a lot later in the season for September flowering. Usually about 12 weeks before you wish to see them in flower, try planting yours early June and hopefully they will be ready for your display.
See you at Harrogate!

Loraine Hart