Which way to plant a Gloriosa Bulb

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W. Arnold

How can I tell which way to plant a Gloriosa bulb? I can’t tell which is the growth tip and tail end?

Great question and this is one that baffles a few people. Below I have attached a diagram to show which way to plant a Gloriosa Rhizome/Bulb. It’s also best to plant the Gloriosa Rhizomes on a 45 degree angle as well.


Flowers that flower late summer

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Am I a bit late for summer/late summer flowering bulbs for pots?

Good morning,
No you’re not too late for planting your bulbs for summer flowering. We would suggest planting up Oriental Trumpet Lilies or Roselilies as these are the later flowering varieties of lilies. Nerines are also fine for planting now for flowering late summer.

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Nerine Bowdenii ‘Patricia’

Loraine Hart

The best soil composite for Martagon Lilies

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Margaret Carter

I am going to order some martagon lilies to grow in pots, but I don’t know how to make the right compost for lime lovers. You can’t buy it as you do ericaceous.

A good quality, multipurpose compost with some added grit will be fine for martagon lily bulbs. Just ensure the soil is well drained and your martagon lily bulbs are planted in a more shady area.

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Loraine Hart

Dilution ratio of Neem Oil for Lily Beetle Repellent

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I had a lovely display of your lilies last year and hopefully again this year,
I notice you have had luck with neem oil!! Could you tell me what is the best dilution ratio for this, and what to use,
Regards malcolm

Yes we have had some good results from diluted Neem Oil! We recommend using a hand sprayer with 1 teaspoon of Neem Oil (5ml) plus a small amount of washing up liquid (as a surfactant) with approx. 500ml water. So 1 part Neem Oil to 100 parts water (1:100).

Loraine Hart

How to plant Hymenocallis Festalis

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Chris archer

I have received my delivery, thank you. How should these be planted below the surface or partly above, different info via Internet. Also should they be lifted during winter?

Plant your Hymenocallis Festalis bulbs with their neck and shoulders just above soil level.

Plant in a sunny position with well-drained soil, preferably sandy soil.
Once you see signs of growth and foliage, start to mist with water occasionally with water.
Water the Hymenocallis Festalis regularly.
Hymenocallis Festalis are ideal for planting in pots so they can be easily lifted and stored over winter to protect from the colder climate.
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Loraine Hart