Preventing Botrytis on Lilies

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A. Gastad

I have many Lilies . Some years ago I discovered botrytis on some of the Lilies, and No one can give me any good advice for what to do. Must I stop growing Lilies (they don`t look nice when attacked by this (fungus?). Hope you have a good advice for me .

Thank you for your email. If you’re certain it is botrytis (a fungus that spots the leaves) then it’s caused by damp. Are your lilies in the shade? If so, you should lift your lily bulbs and replant them in a sunny position and/or in pots. Try to plant your lilies where they will dry out after rain to prevent Botrytis. If you do see brown spots on your leaves, spray with a fungicide recommended for roses. If you have noticed any yellow circles and gnarled leaves, then this could be a virus and the lily bulbs will need destroying unfortunately.

Loraine Hart

Gloriosa bulbs in storage

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I bought some Gloriosa bulbs from you in the autumn. I have just discovered them in a paper bag and they look healthy with small roots sprouting. Should I plant them now in pots in the conservatory where I did well with them in other years. Dublin and mild climate but not as warm as London.

Your Gloriosa bulbs (rhizomes) can be planted now. Just be careful that it’s not too cold in the conservatory what with the cold weather we are still experiencing this Spring. If it is still quite cold in your conservatory, plant your gloriosa bulbs in a pot and let them start growing indoors and then put them in your conservatory.

Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs) (SKU17645)
Loraine Hart

Pot Size for Cardiocrinum Giganteum

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T. Brighton

Hello, could these stunning Cardiocrinum Giganteum lilies be planted in a pot and how big would this need to be. I have never seen this lily before and would like to be able to grow it but do not have a suitable spot direct into the garden.

We would recommend potting your Cardiocrinum Giganteum bulbs in a 12inch pot.

Cardiocrinum giganteum like most soil types. They prefer the soil to be moist but well drained and humus-rich. These lilies like a shady position where the direct sunlight will not burn their leaves.
Cardiocrinum Giganteum (SKU17816)
Loraine Hart

How to plant Hedychium Gardnerianum The Ginger Lily

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paul colman

Are there any special instructions for planting ginger lilies. Thanks.

Yes I do have some instructions for growing the Ginger Lily:

Planting and growing instructions: Hedychium Gardnerianum
If planting in pots: Hedychium gardnerianum rhizomes grow naturally above ground. Plant your rhizomes/tubers so that the rhizome is only half covered with soil. Use a large pot, layering pot with shards or clay pellets on the bottom for drainage and weight. Add fresh potting compost and place the roots of the rhizome in the soil – if there are no roots visible the rhizome will soon begin to form them. Water immediately after planting.
If planting in the garden: Find a good location with plenty of sun. Planting half the Rhizome proud of the ground level. Water regularly.
Hedychium Gardnerianum The ‘Ginger Lily’ (SKU17815)
Loraine Hart

Growing lily bulbs in a greenhouse

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T. Gibson

Can I grow lilies in a large, airy greenhouse. I have a soil bed and large tubs.

Yes growing your lily bulbs in your greenhouse will be absolutely fine. We get great results from growing our lilies under glass. We use all our lilies to exhibit at the RHS Flower shows including the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show. We just advise on checking which soil you will need for the lily bulb varieties you have. The tree-like lilies (oriental trumpets) are happy in any soil.

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Loraine Hart

High tea lily bulbs for cut flower display

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R. James

Are your lily bulbs established and ready for a large showing
Thank you

Good afternoon,
Yes, we always supply a minimum of 16/18cm sized lily bulbs which will produce a good strong stem with a good amount of flowers. We exhibit our lilies at all the major RHS flowers shows using our bulbs for our cut flower displays.

High Tea (SKU17634)
Loraine Hart

How and what to plant Roselilies in

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Roselilies need an acidic soil, but you say plant them in a multi-purpose compost if planting in pots. Please can you clarify this for me?

Good morning,
Yes Roselilies do prefer an acidic soil if planting in the garden. However, for planting your lily bulbs in pots we do recommend a Multi-purpose Compost mixed with John Innes No.3 but if you have an ericaceous compost then that’s fine too!
We advise using this mix of Multi-purpose compost and John Innes No.3 for planting your lilies in pots as the Multi-purpose compost contains natural plant feed and nutrients to encourage strong growth of your lilies and it is weed free. The John Innes No.3 is ideal for your lily bulbs as it is loamy and free-draining but heavy enough to give pots stability. If you are planting with an ericaceous compost, then just ensure you have plenty of drainage for your lily bulbs. Hope this helps.

Loraine Hart

sendind shipment to Slovenia (EU)

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J. Marjan

Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to purchase lily bulbs, but there is a problem. I live in Slovenia (an EU country, southern of Austria) and during the checkout this country is not listed among availabele countries to calculate the shiping costs. Could this be aranged any other way, like choosing Austria and adding Slovenia as the second country or can you correct this later.
Thank you in advance,
Jeselnik Marjan

Good morning,
You can now order your lily bulbs from us to be delivered to Slovenia, I have updated this on our website for you.

Kind regards

Loraine Hart


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W. Robert

I need help ordering from USA. Do you ship to USA ?

No I’m afraid we do not ship our lily bulbs to the United States.

Loraine Hart