growing lilies from seed

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J. Carter

Last year I obtained some Martagons from you this year they have settled in beautifully and some are setting seed. I would like to know how long it will be;from seed to flower. and the best way of germinating them. I am 84!!! The lilies I had from you this year (Jap hybrids etc, are absolutely stunning ad I can’t thank you all enough.

So lovely to hear how happy you are with your flowers.
We have found with Martagons that they are best to be left to self seed. Martagons will multiply and spread very quickly! They are just stunning!

Loraine Hart


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Christine Woods

Please can you email me when you have the Arsenal lily back in stock please

Sorry this variety has been discontinued.

Loraine Hart

Soil (alkaline & acidic)

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I’m looking to order a number of bulbs and build a raised bedding area. However the bulbs I like are different some like acidic some like alkaline.
Would this not be recommended if I’m buying a multi purpose soil?

Multipurpose compost is fine for all lilies – ensure you mix a lot into the whole area.

Loraine Hart

Leave tips brown

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T. Lavery

I have a large number of lilies I have purchased from you over the last few years. All are doing well but I have noticed that one variety Foreigner, has developed very brown marking on the tips of all leaves. I have 2 London Heart and 2 Foreigner in a large 20″ pot and more in the ground in the front garden. I thought it could be frost or snow damage but it is only the one variety. Help please – flower heads are fine.

Lilies can get easily stressed but if it’s just the tips that have been affected and flower heads are fine then they should be ok.

Loraine Hart

Planting lilies

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P. Faulkner

Please advise if it is ok to plant lily bulbs in pot in full sun with no shade. you

This is absolutely fine, lilies are very happy in the sun. Just make sure you don’t water them during the middle of day when the sun is its strongest. Water your lilies first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening.

Loraine Hart

Pollen free Lilies that are safe for cats

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S. Mallett

Are the pollenless lilies safe for cats?

Polle-free lilies are perfect for cats as they don’t have the poisonous stamen that cats are allergic to. Our Roselily varieties are particularly gorgeous with no pollen but still carry a stunning fragrance.

Roselily ‘Editha’ (SKU17782)

Roselily ‘Lorena’ (SKU17787)

Roselily ‘Isabella’ (SKU17619)

Loraine Hart

Do I need to repot my lilies?

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R. Hargreaves

Do I need to repot my lilies? You said that you should re-pot your lilies every so often, I have at least 40 pots with 5 to a pot. Three lilies are looking a little tired, the rest have been in the same pot for 4 to 7 years, if i re-pot them do I need to put new compost in?

Yes – your lily bulbs will probably need dividing and replanting now. This is usually every 3 years. When they have all finished flowering and died back naturally, you can dig the bulbs up and split off any baby bulblets you find, you can then replant all the bulbs you have found. A freshen up of new compost would be beneficial and perhaps giving them a feed with a tomato feed will encourage those that are looking tired. That said, they may just be getting to the end and need replacing altogether. Hope that helps.

Loraine Hart

planting times

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K. Craggs

I was given a lily bulb, I think Elodie, that was bought at the Tatton Park flower show. When should I plant it?

Plant your lily bulb now and it will flower in 10-12 weeks.

Loraine Hart

Lifting lilies

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M. McDonnell

I’m wondering when is the best time to lift lillie bulbs and seperate them? Also are you still selling lillie bulbs for despatch now?

We advise lifting and separating your lily bulbs after 3 years from planting.
We are taking orders for lily bulbs now but they will be dispatched in the Spring next year.

Loraine Hart