Just to say ….. a lovely note from a happy customer

This question was asked by
J. Angove

Fire bolt caused a stir at Stithians one day show yesterday.My gorgeous husband had a first,Best Exhibit and a beautiful silver Presidents cup.We were amazed at how many people were taking photos,asking about it and admiring it .I don’t know how many times I mentioned Harts but we were so proud .A big thank you for our beautiful lily bulbs.Have already ordered for next year .Regards Jackie Angove

Ah that’s so lovely to hear. Thank you for taking the time to email us with this lovely feedback. And WELL DONE on your exhibit!! We would love to see photos,if you’re on Facebook, please find us on there and share it with our customers.

Loraine Hart

Lily flower colour and scent

This question was asked by
W. Gaiardo

I’ve been successfully growing oriental lilies in pots for some years now, but this summer something strange has happened: my pink stargazer lilies have bloomed a deep, rusty red and some of my other lilies have bloomed beautifully but have no scent. All of my lilies are fed, divided and re-potted on a regular basis. Any suggestions as to why this might have happened will be gratefully received!

Isn’t nature weird and wonderful!? Lilies can be affected by their environments sometimes and as we have had a particularly wet winter and an unusually hot summer it has affected the way our lilies have behaved this year. Sometimes lilies can revert back to one of the original breeds they have been bred with.

Loraine Hart

bulbs i saw at hampton court

This question was asked by
richard knowles

My friend bought some absolutely massive 10″ bulbs off you at the Hampton Court flowe show, what would they have been and do you have any more?

If it was a lily bulb, we have a few different top size lily bulbs so I am not sure which your friend may have chosen, If it wasn’t a lily, it could have been one of our giant Crinum bulbs?? Does this sound familiar?

Loraine Hart

Lily Bulbs bought at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

This question was asked by
P. Edwards

We bought five ‘Samantha’ bulbs from you this week at Hampton Court. We in tend growing them in a large pot. Do we plant them straight away or store them until the autumn? If we store them how should they be kept?
Look forward to hearing from you. Your stand was amazing.

Thank you for your lovely comment!
Please plant your lilies straight away as they will still flower this year (10-12 weeks time) and then they will revert back to their usual flowering cycle next year, which should be slightly earlier (end of July/Beginning August).

Loraine Hart

Do I need to support my Roselily plants

This question was asked by
Tracey Christopher-Scott

We have some new roselilies in our garden this year.
At the moment they are approx 12 – 18 inches high with some flower buds on them. Is it okay to tie canes to them so they stay upright or do we just leave them without any support ?

Lilies are quite happy without any support and should stay upright if they are not trying to lean to find the sunlight. If you are in a very windy area then you may wish to support them but they should be ok without.

Loraine Hart

Repotting bulbs

This question was asked by
C. Webb

I have pollen free lilies and need to repot them.
Not sure about:-
1) I have quite “extra” small, thin, sparse sort of shoots in many of the pots (not all this years!), and I don’t know if I should pull them out and thow away, or are these viable to repot? They are very spindly.
2) What is the best time of year to do this?

Once all the lilies have died back and the stems become hollow and removable then you can repot them. You can break off the baby bulblets and replant these also (these are the spindly stems). They will get stronger each year and eventually they should flower.

Loraine Hart

Deadheading lilies

This question was asked by
J. Robinson

To deadhead a lily do I just pinch the lily off or is the short stem that it is attached to also removed? Thx for your help.

Remove the lily bud but not the stem as this needs to die back naturally to re-energise the bulb for the lily to flower the following year.

Loraine Hart

Soil Type for Lilies

This question was asked by
J. Quarmby

I bought 6 lily bulbs for £10 at the Chelsea flower show. I chose them from lilies on your display. They were very deep purple with yellow.
I cannot remember their name.
They are flourishing well but I need to top up the compost and don’t know if they need eracacous
Or normal compost.
Your advice would be appreciated.

I believe these to be Lion Heart which is an Asiatic Lily. A stunningly vibrant variety of lily. As these are Asiatic lilies, they will require an Alkaline, well-drained soil.

Lion Heart (SKU17655)

Loraine Hart


This question was asked by
L. Hammond

I’ve been very impressed with your lilies for the last two years – (I’ve just picked some more and they smell wonderful!) I would like to buy some alliums and lilies for my daughter. I wonder if you could send me a catalogue for her please?

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we have stopped printing a catalogue to save on paper and the trees! We have everything online and you can download a catalogue there too. Here’s a link you could send to your daughter.


Loraine Hart