Do I need to cut of the lily seed head?

This question was asked by
S. Bantin

After these lillies have flowered should the seed heads be left on or should they be removed?
Thank you.

Yes, you can cut the lily seed head off but allow the stem and foliage to die back naturally. Once it has all turned brown, you can remove the stem and discard it. This puts the energy back in the bulb to allow it to flourish the following year.

Loraine Hart

Dispatching lilies in Autumn

This question was asked by
K. Guthrie

Hello – We have a large, mountainous and damp Lake District garden which lilies love eventually (!) but if we plant in the conventional spring season slugs tend to annihilate the new shoots. I have found that if I can plant in late summer / early autumn the plants make a much better start but I struggle to find any supplier who will dispatch the plant at this time of year. Can you help?

Hi there,
Unfortunately, it’s too late for our Lilies to be planted this time of year. However, we will be sending Martagon Lilies out next month. Is this something you may be interested in? Alternatively, you could try ordering lilies from us in May and keep them in cold storage for a short while before planting.

Gaybird Martagon Lily (SKU176511)
Chameleon Martagon Lily (SKU17724)
Claude Shride Martagon Lily (SKU17696)
Fairy Morning Martagon Lily (SKU1765111)
Loraine Hart

big brother lilies

This question was asked by
C. Forbes

would like to order 15 big brother lilies. tried to order online but wouldn’t take usa country…Is there a way to obtain order from you .. I have paypal….do you send to us? thank you

Unfortunately, we do not send to the US. Sorry.

Loraine Hart

Bulb Purchase

This question was asked by
D. Heffron

I wish to purchase the following bulbs.
Nettys Pride Asiatic Lilies would they be available now as they are required as a gift ?
20 no please.

Hello there,
All lilies are sent out in February now. Perhaps I could suggest purchasing our online Gift Voucher for your gift so they can buy some Netty’s Pride lilies themselves. Or you could always order them and add the recipient’s address as the delivery address and tell them they are to arrive in the Spring? Something nice to look forward to. Hope that helps. Kind regards

Netty’s Pride (harts1180)

Loraine Hart

How to get rid of red Lily Beetle

This question was asked by
M. Ball

Earlier in the year i purchased your candy cane collection and could not be more pleased so have just ordered another 18 lily bulbs and wondered if there is any insecticide to deter and kill lily beetle and where to buy it from. would greatly appreciate your help with thanks Mick

Ah that’s lovely to hear. Thank you for your continued custom.

Yes we have had some good results from diluted Neem Oil to keep the pesky Lily Beetle at bay! We recommend using a hand sprayer with 1 teaspoon of Neem Oil (5ml) plus a small amount of washing up liquid (as a surfactant) with approx. 500ml water. So 1 part Neem Oil to 100 parts water (1:100).
You can purchase Neem Oil online from Amazon I believe.
Loraine Hart

Eucomis bulbs

This question was asked by
J. Whittingham

I want to make a small order for Eucomis bulbs to take to Zambia in the autumn. Your delivery dates for Eucomis bulbs are for 2019. Is it possible to get a delivery date for the bulbs in September 2018?

Unfortunately not, Eucomis need planting in the Spring for Summer flowering in the UK. We won’t have any available until then.

Loraine Hart

If i cut my lilies will they grow back the following year?

This question was asked by
M. Smith

I have had spectacular results with my Roselilies. One in particular has 5 flower heads. If I cut them to take indoors will this compromise the bulb? I am hoping they will flower again next year.

Yes – unfortunately, it will not flower as well the next year. The flower stem and foliage needs to die back naturally to give the energy back in the bulb. If you do use them for cut flower, don’t worry they will mature again over time.

Loraine Hart


This question was asked by
L. Pugh

The DIGNITY bulbs I purchased at RHS Cardiff are absolutely incredible. The scent is intoxicating & wafts its way through
the entire patio. Many thanks.

Aww thank you for sharing. If you’re on Facebook, we would love to receive your review on there.
Loraine Hart

Lilies seen grown in the shade

This question was asked by
J. Heisse

I recently saw Lillies planted in shade under trees at Wisley, and they looked splendid. Which lillies would you suggest for shade or semi woodland conditions. In passing I would like to say how thrilled I am with my last order of double lillies, they are breathtaking!

Did they look smaller than usual? They were probably Martagon Lilies. They work well in woodland areas with partial shade. We dispatch our Martagon lilies in the Autumn ready for planting.
Loraine Hart