Autumn months and helping lilies to flower

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I bought 5 Leona lily bulbs at Chatsworth Flower Show. The lilies are healthy but the flower heads have not opened. It has started to get cooler and i am not sure whether to bring the pot indoors to encourage the bulbs to flower,

Yes – if your lilies haven’t flowered yet and it’s the Autumn months, we would advise bringing your lilies indoors now (September) to help them flower due to the cold weather.

Loraine Hart

Free lilies!

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A. Prowse

Thanks for a wonderful bunch of ‘free’ lilies at the end of the Wisley show yesterday!!!!!!!
cheers to all you hard working staff,

You’re very welcome! Thanks for getting touch.

Loraine Hart

Replanting Scadoxus Multiflorus

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J. Macpherson

I bought bulbs from you this year and they have been beautiful. I would now like to group them and wondered when I could lift and replant them.

After your Scadoxus Multiflorus has finished flowering, cut the flower head off and allow the stem and foliage to die back naturally. Once your Scadoxus Multiflorus has died back completely, you can lift them. Scadoxus Multiflorus need protection over the Winter months, so I would suggest storing your bulbs somewhere dry like a shed or an alternative frost-free area. If you are replanting them in pots, just bring the pot into shelter until the risk of frost has passed.

Loraine Hart

Which compost should I use for Martagon Lilies

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E Higgins

I have just bought three martagon lilies from you which I plan to put in a large pot, can you tell me which compost should I use?

Martagon lilies can tolerate any soil type from Acidic to Alkaline, chalky, clay, sand or loam based. I would suggest getting a good multi-purpose compost and ensure your pots have good drainage.

Loraine Hart

moving lilies in the garden

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J. Faulkner

I have some beautiful huge yellow lilies (6ft ish) which I bought from you some years ago….they are actually not in the best place and I want to move them to another bed. When should I do this please?

Hello there,
My suggestion would be to move the lily bulbs when the foliage has died down – usually during the Autumn months.

Kind regards

Loraine Hart

Can I move my lily bulbs?

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M. Diana Mason

This year I would like to lift my lilies as they are in the wrong place. I would like to store them until next year, also I may move & I’m not leaving them behind! Wise or foolish?

Lilies like a cold dormant phase over the winter months but they do not like to get waterlogged (as this rots the bulbs). My suggestion would be to move the lily bulbs when the foliage has died down and transfer the bulbs to a pot/container potting with an Ericaceous/Acid soil type. This way they can remain outside during the winter months and you can then take them with you if you move. Just ensure the pot/container has good drainage and the lily bulbs don’t get too wet.

Loraine Hart

What to do with Acidanthera Gladiolus Callianthus over Winter

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Are Acidanthera Gladiolus Callianthus suitable for lifting and storing over winter?

Yes – Acidanthera Gladiolus Callianthus need protecting over the frost-prone months. Lift your corms when the leaves turn yellow/brown and store them in a dry, frost-free place. Plant your Acidanthera Gladiolus Callianthus back outside once the danger of winter frosts has passed.
Acidanthera Gladiolus Callianthus produce a fantastic display and not a big expense but they may need replacing after 2 years of flowering.

Loraine Hart