Orange Calla LIly

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J. H

Bought calla bulbs from your stall at Harrogate Flower Show last april. When in flower they were bright orange and looked like flames – highly admired !
Do you have these in stock this year? Cant see them on your web page.

The Calla Lily we have is called Zantedeschia’Cameo’ – you can purchase them on our website here:

Zantedeschia ‘Cameo’ (Pack of 3 Bulbs) (SKU17819)

Loraine Hart

Tree-like lilies in Collection Packs

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F. Cattran

Will the bulbs in the « 12 bulbs for £15 » collections flower in the first year, or should i go for some « top-size «  bulbs?

Oh yes – all our lily bulbs are top size and will flower this year! The lily bulbs in the collection packs are still the same size as those we sell individually. So the collections of lilies are such great value for the same quality.

‘Tree like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1152)

Multicoloured ‘Tree-like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) Lily Bulb Collections (SKU17752)

Loraine Hart

Back of the border lilies

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J. Faulkner

I have ordered from you before and have some lovely lilies… I’m a complete convert!
I have one set of 3 yellow lilies…. almost 6 ft tall at the back of one bed and they are glorious (can’t remember the variety) but they scent the whole garden in summer.
I am looking to plant more lilies in other places at the back of the border and would be grateful for recommendations. I would like them sturdy and self supporting if possible. Many thanks

Good morning,
It sounds like you ma=y have some of our tree-like lilies already. These lilies are a great variety for height and scent and they are happy to grow in any well-drained soil. Have you looked at our other tree-like lilies (also known as Oriental Trumpet Lilies or Orienpet Lilies)? Please find attached some lovely, highly scented lilies we would recommend for your garden:

Amarossi (SKU17755)

Terrasol (SKU17773)

Carbonero (SKU17684)

Dalian (SKU17770)

Zambesi (SKU17616)

Loraine Hart

Lily Pyreneum

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Margaret Johnson

I have a small yellow Turks cap type lily with a delicate scent that has been growing in my garden since I moved here. I’ve finally identified it as lily pyreneum and have seen it growing wild in several places in the Lake District. I would like to purchase bulbs or if not seed to increase my now one solitary plant. Do you have any stock or if not could you let me know where I could obtain some. My searches on the internet have not been successful , yours hopefully Margaret Johnson

Hello there,
That’s new one on me. Do you mean Lilium Pumilum?
Click not he link below for the types of Turks Cap lilies we sell:

Loraine Hart


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I am looking for tree lillies that have a long flowering period and are reasonably tall in height. What varieties would you recommend?

Good afternoon,

All the tree lilies will flower about the same length of time. I would recommend the Conca D’or Lily for a good strong, all-round lily. However, our Tree Lily collection is very good value for money and contains 4 different varieties:
Nymph (harts1027)
Robina (harts1029)
Manissa (harts1025)
Cocossa (SKU17672)
‘Tree like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1152)
Loraine Hart

How many bulbs?

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Anne Watson

I want to plant up an old metal coal scuttle measuring 16in x 12in x 10 in deep with white lilies. Can you please advise how many bulbs I would need and the best variety to choose? I am thinking along the lines of keeping to white but am open to the possibility of introducing perhaps pink. I like My Wedding and Leona but would welcome your comments. A lighter fragrance would be my first preference
With thanks

Good afternoon,

I would recommend having maybe 6 lilies within this space. My Wedding and Leona are both stunning varieties and will produce a lovely scent for you. If you are after a slight hint of colour, perhaps mix them with Roselily Kendra as this has a subtle pink edging to it which is simply stunning!
Loraine Hart

Miss Lucy lily

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I am trying to find miss Lucy lilies or even a rose Lucy. I see you had the lilies but currently you do not, will you be restocking them at all?
Thank you

Unfortunately, Miss Lucy Lily bulbs have been discontinued by the grower. Have you tried Soft Music or Kendra. These are both white double oriental lilies with a touch of pink.

Loraine Hart

Locating the Fire Lily

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A. Keser

Hello, I am trying to locate a Fire Lily plant or bulb for my mother, I am struggling to find one online and wondered if you stocked them?

Yes we do stock the Fire Lily, it’s also called Gloriosa The Flame Lily. These are sent out next month and will flower in the summer. See link below.

Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs) (SKU17645)
Loraine Hart

Planting of tree lilies

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C. Robinson

I am interested in purchasing one of your lily tree collections. I want to plant these in pots and I note you suggest 3 to a 10″ pot. Can you put 4 into a 16″ pot? Also, if I was to order these now, I realise they wouldn’t come until Feb. so wondering if, paying by card, you would deduct this from my card straight away or leave it until a bit nearer to delivery. Many thanks

Hello there,
So sorry for the delay in replying. I must have missed this question. Yes 4 bulbs to a 16″ pot is absolutely fine. Payment is taken upon order.

Kind regards

Loraine Hart