a little note to say…

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R. Berney,

Hi, just a little note to say thank you for my lovely box of bulbs received this morning. it couldn’t have come at a better time as i had just viewed a virtual service for a very dear friend. Thank goodness for our gardens, mine gives me much comfort in these difficult times. With best wishes, Rosalind Berney.

Thank you for emailing. I am so sorry to hear your news. Such horrid times at the moment. We send our condolences to you. Enjoy your bulbs and stay safe.

The Hart Family

Lily bulbs

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K. Perscha

I‘m living in Austria and I‘d love to order some of your lilie bulbs. Is it still possible to plant them and have them bloom in Summer?
Thank you, take care, Katrin

Yes you can plant your lilies now and they will still flower this year.

The Hart Family

Convallaria Majalis \'Lily of the valley\' (Pack of 10)

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I want to plant them in container and I need some extra advice please.
1. Do I have a chance to plant them now? Can I keep them inside the house?
2.what to do after blooming for next time?

How to plant Lily of the Valley Plant your Convallaria in the spring once the frosts have passed (or start off indoors). Soak roots in water for 30minutes if they are a little dry. If planting in the garden, find a shady area, preferably with moist soil. Plant about 5-10cm deep leaving the shoot just above the surface If planting in pots, fill the pot with compost and plant about 5-10cm deep leaving the shoot just above the surface. Plant pointy end up and 5-10cm apart. Water in after planting and keep hydrated. Always unpack your bulbs on arrival and plant as soon as possible. Store in a cool, dry place until ready to plant.

Convallaria Majalis ‘Lily of the valley’ (Pack of 10) (SKU18066)

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Identifying a Deep Pink Nerine

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S. Hall

My Mum had Nerines in a vibrant pink, which I would like to grow in my garden, to remind me of her. The colour had no hint of purple or red, and is wasn’t a pale pink. I can’t tell the shade of pink from the bulb packets on your website. From images on the internet, the nearest I can find is Nerine Bowdenii Isabel.
All the best
Sarah Hall

Hi – is it Nerine Bowdenii, this is the most popular Nerine we have. A very vibrant pink.

Nerine Bowdenii

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Scadoxus multiflorus

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R. Bartlett

Morning Harts
you kindly sent me 6 bulbs in February (order number 3005768)
and I planted the first 3 on 16th March, in the greenhouse, in multipurpose compost (Wickes )
with the pointed end just a couple of mm below the surface. So far no signs of sprouting.
I have done the same with the other 3 in garden compost on April 16th.
How long would you expect the first planting to show signs of growing.

Hi there,
Scadoxus can take a little time to activate, hopefully you will see signs of growth of the ones in the greenhouse soon.

The Hart Family

Lily \'Black Charm\'

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Hi, could I ask if any of the darker Asiatic lilies are scented? I mean like Black Charm, Black Out, Dark Secret or Blackstone… Thank you, Karolina

Unfortunately, all the dark asiatic lilies don’t have a scent. The whiter the lily, the more fragrant it is.

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Tree Lily's

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Jerry Kiersey

Hello, about five years ago I put five tree lily’s in a large pot.
They have done very well but now the pot has perhaps a dozen or more due to offshoots. When/how do I divide or should I at all?
Regards, Jerry.

Hi Jerry

Sorry for the delay in replying – we have been so busy. It seems everyone is now gardening in these difficult times.

I would wait for your lilies to flower and die back this year, by late autumn I would then lift your bulbs, divide them and replant them .

Kind regards

The Hart Family

Canna Lillies, red foliage

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Gerald Leedham

could you please price 8 of the above to be delivered asap

We currently have 2 x canna lilies in stock and they 3 bulbs for £10:

Pink Canna (Pack of 3) (SKU180601)

Red Canna (Pack of 3) (SKU18060)

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J. Marshall

Hi folks,
Thx for my order #3009824
On opening the box,thr is a solitary bulb sitting on the top,with no name on bag,can u tell me what it is,as it’s not on the invoice

Hi there,
It’s a beautiful white lily called Casa Blanca – a gift from us to you.

The Hart Family