Is it best to wait until next year for lily bulbs now?

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Ann C

Can I buy Lillies now and plant them ready for next year? I have a number of your plants and have been very pleased with them

Hi Ann
You can order them now and they will be dispatched next week and will be in flower in the next 8-12 weeks. But if you wish to order them for planting next year, they will available to pre-order from August.

The Hart Family

Lily bulbs

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Paul Wallis

Hello thanks for your reply.
The out of stock bulbs I am interested in are:
Many thanks Paul.

Hi Paul

We will soon have a new website and you will soon be able to request an email notification when any thing is back in stock. Please keep checking back.

The Hart Family

Replacing Lilies after a few years

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H. Harris

Hi I have bought umpteen lily bulbs from you over the years some I grow in pots when they need ericaceous soil some in the ground. I have noticed I have less bulbs growing than I had and I am wondering do lilies have a life span and thus I need to buy more bulbs to get the types back that are now missing?

Hi there,

Yes Lilies can need replacing after a few years. You may notice you need to break off any baby bulblets and replant these also as these can sap the energy form the adult bulbs. It always good to give them some fresh compost each as well.


The Hart Family

fathers day gift postal order

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I’d like to order my Dad a fathers day plant by postal order. Preferably a perennial for the garden. Can you please recommend what is in bloom that can be posted quickly?
With thanks

Hi Maya

Sorry I have only just seen this message. Unfortunately, we only sell bulbs not plants. You can purchase a gift voucher online that will be sent immediately to your father’s email address but I am sure you are probably sorted now. Hope he has a lovely Father’s Day!

The Hart Family

Info re nerine bowdenii

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Hi, have just purchased some nerine bowdenii bulbs from you, is it too late to plant them this year? Thanks.

No – it’ll be fine to still plant them, they will just flower a little later.

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