Scented pollen-free lilies

This question was asked by
Claire W

Do you have any pollen free lilies that also have perfume?

Hi CLaire

Yes we do – we have quite a few lily varieties that don’t have the pollen but still have a lovely fragrance. They include the Roselilies and Double Oriental Lilies. They are all lovely!


Double Oriental Lilies

The Asiatic lilies are the ones that do not carry a scent. Hope that helps.

The Hart Family

Big Brother Lily?

This question was asked by
P. Surrey

I have a tall, very robust lily in my garden that is rarely troubled by lily beetles. Could it be Big Brother?
Do you sell these bulbs?
When is the best time to plant them?

Hi Pauline

Yes it does sound like Big Brother if it is a lovely strong, yellow lily. Our Big Brother lily bulbs are available to purchase now and they are dispatched in the spring:

Lily ‘Big Brother’ (SKU17648)

The Hart Family

Canna Lilies

This question was asked by
Rita Smith

Hi I purchased some Liatris bulbs from you earlier in the year and they have all done well. I notice that you sell canna lilies, do you stock a selection or just the one advertised. Also when can they be purchased. Thanks

Hi Rita

I am pleased to hear your Liatris have performed well. We do sell the pink and red cannas. They are available to purchase now for delivery in Spring 2021.

Pink Canna (Pack of 3) (SKU180601)

Red Canna (Pack of 3) (SKU18060)

The Hart Family

Lily \'Black Charm\'

This question was asked by
Christine Taylor

If I order the black charm lily do I pay for them on ordering or when just before dispatch …..also do you do the black calla lily….thank you.
Mrs Taylor

Hi Christine

Yes to pre-reserve your order, payment is taken upon placing the order. Our callas are now available to pre-order as well.

The Hart Family

I fell in Love :)

This question was asked by
Bianca Meisinger

Dear Family and Team Harts nursery,
First of all, I am sorry about my English, I am from Germany and my last lesson in school has been a while 😊
Hopefully you are doing well although this Corona periode makes us all sorting our priorities new in life..
Recently I moved out of my little appartement and all sudden I have a big front- and even bigger backyard now 😊 So during my research for the perfekt flowers to grow, I found your website, whatched all the YouTube Videos and really fell in love with your roselilys! 😍
You have created overwelming plants!!
Even though shipping is pretty expensive to Germany, I’d love to order some of those gorgeous flowers as bulbs as soon as possible.
Now a lot of them are currently out of stock.. Could you tell me, when they might be available for preorder to deliver in February or March?
I’m pretty sure meanwhile my friends and family will also have a look on your website for maybe joining my order 🙂
Stay well!
Best regards,
Bianca Meisinger

Hi Bianca
Thank you for your lovely email. Your english is very good! I’m so pleased you enjoyed watching our Youtube videos. The roselilies are gorgeous! They are my favourite.

All our lilies will be updated very soon. It should be in the next week or so when we know what crops will be available for dispatch next Spring.


The Hart Family

Roselillies stock

This question was asked by
Lesley W

Good morning,
Many of the roselillies I would like to order are out of stock. Could you please advise when new stock will be available, and whether it is possible to pre-order and pre-pay.
Thank you.

Hi Lesley

We are updating our lily stocks as soon as we know what crops will be available for next spring. It should be updated in the next week or so. Please check back again then.

The Hart Family