Begonia bulbs

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We have had some exceptional bulbs from you in April. When is the best time to order for next year.

Hi Jean
You can pre-order any of our Spring Planted Bulbs now for delivery in February.


The Hart Family

Thank you

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Cathy Taylor

I wanted to let you know how much joy and beauty your Lilies have brought to a sheltered area of our garden in North Yorkshire. Believe it or not, they are just flowering now and the scent from them while having a cup of tea this afternoon was a real lift to the spirit as Autumn creeps over the fields! I planted them in pots and despite signs of a potential attack by the dreaded red beetle and some wily slugs, they have survived and are stunning! At the first sight of these pesky little bugs, I checked each pot thoroughly every day until I felt confident they had disappeared! I am now ready to look at more Lilies for next year – as you can see I have become obsessed – for next year and also some tulips. If the tulips \’give\’ like your Lilies I will have so much happiness from Spring through to Autumn!
Thank you for the expert quality of your beautiful bulbs!

Kind regards


Hi Cathy – thank you so much for your kind words. It makes us smile knowing we have cheered you and your garden up during this uncertain time. Enjoy.

The Hart Family


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Alan E

Are you able to sell Gloriosa tubers now……and if so can I plant them (Indoors) now, and will they grow throughout the Winter or not. To have a really good show in a very large pot of say 80 litres, how many tubers should I buy
thats most kind
many tks Alan

Unfortunately, we haven’t got any gloriosa available at the moment. They will be ready to plant from February onwards. I would say planting 3x gloriosa rhizomes in an 80 litre pot with support will give a good display.


The Hart Family

Double Lilies

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Sheena W

Hi, I purchased some lily bulbs earlier this year which I potted up, because we have recently had so much rain and very strong winds I cut my lilies to enjoy in a vase. I am now worried that I have not left enough leaves on the amistad lilies to feed the bulbs, should I keep them or put them on compost tip.


HI Sheena

Have you left 2ft of stem? If so, you should be ok.
If you haven’t – don’t worry! I would advise giving them a tomato feed in the spring next year and a slow release fertiliser. This will help its growth. They may not be great next year but they should come back better the following year.

Slow Release Fertiliser – Easy Feed Pack (SKU18119)

The Hart Family

Moving House maybe?

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Paul W

If I place an order with you now and some items wont be despatched until Feb. Can I change the delivery address if I move?

Yes – you can set up your account and then amend your address in there when you need to. Please also drop us an email confirming your order number and new address and we will ensure your bulbs get to you.

The Hart Family

Skyscraper Lilies

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Douglas Craig Hamilton

Once all the flowers have gone and the leaves have started to brown can I cut the stems back to within a few inches of the ground? Remembering to mark their position ready for next year.

Hi Douglas
You can cut everything back leaving 2ft of stem. Then when the stem and foliage has all turned yellow/brown it can be removed.

The Hart Family

Tulip Bulbs

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Lisa T

When is the best time to plant tulips?

We advise planting tulip bulbs in the Autumn, preferably in October/November, after the firsts frosts as this will wipe out any viral and fungal diseases that may be in the soil and which may infect the bulbs. Planting later in the year means there is less risk of disease and this is when the tulip bulbs start putting their roots down. More information on how to plant tulips can be found here:


The Hart Family

Potted lillies to flower shortly

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Rosemary B

do you have any lillies potted to flower shortly? I have in the past purchased from you at Chelsea alas not to be this year. The lillies we have are going over and would like to replace them. They are such a joy!

Hi Rosemary

Sorry we don’t have any now. All our bulbs are sent in bulb form from February onwards.

The Hart Family