‘Samantha’ Roselily

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Samantha H

Hi sorry to bother you but we bought some ‘Samantha’ Roselily bulbs from you last year and they were lovely! We followed the instructions and cut off the dead flowers but left the stems! We now have what looks like dead/brown/woody stems and we are not sure what to do now? Do we need to remove the stems now so the new stems will grow? Sorry we haven’t had any of these before and are hoping if we do it right they will be a lovely this year too! I await your expert answer! Many thanks Samantha

HI Samantha
Yes you can remove the stems now, you should start to see new growth in the Spring.

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Voodoo lily & gloriosa plants

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John H

Do you stock voodoo lilies or similar and will they flower this year,same for gloriosa .can they be grown outside in sunny Warrington

We have the Cobra Lily and Gloriosa the Flame Lily. Both of which can be grown outside. We always suggest starting the Gloriosa off indoors and putting outside during the summer months.

Arisaema ‘Cobra Lily’ (Pack of 3) | Top Size Bulbs! (SKU178161)

Gloriosa | The Flame Lily (SKU17645)

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Can I plant lilies in March?

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Hi – if I order lily bulbs now, will I receive them in March? Will that mean i will have time to plant them for flowering this year?

Hi Jo

Yes that is correct, Lilies need planting in the spring for summer flowering. So March is a perfect time to plant them for flowers in the summer.


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Arisaema ‘Cobra Lily’

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Linda M

I’ve just received one of your gift vouchers, and of all the lovely plants you have, the one I’d really like is out of stock.
Ariseama. Do you know when you will be getting any in?

Hi Linda

They should be ready in the the next couple of weeks, please can you click on the
‘tell me when this is back in stock’ and you will receive a notification when it’s back in stock so you can order it.

Arisaema ‘Cobra Lily’ (Pack of 3) | Top Size Bulbs! (SKU178161)

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Planting Shorter Asiatic Lilies

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I’m after some asiatic lilys: easy to grow, low maintenance, hardy and that won’t grow too tall (to go in between / in front of some larger shrubs in the border).

Can you adivse on which variety is the best to go for?

We\’re based in the midlands, area is in partial shade and soil is a bit clay like.


Good morning,

If the soil is too heavy then it may cause the bulbs to rot as they need to be planted in well-drained soil.

I would advise planting them in pots if the drainage isn’t very good.

Here are some shorter Asiatic Lily varieties:

Lily ‘Perfect Joy’ (harts110611)

Lily ‘Majestic Joy’ (harts11741)

Tiny Lily ‘Epic’ (SKU17790)

Tiny Lily ‘Nugget’ (SKU17791)

Tiny Lily ‘Poems’ (SKU17792)

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Scented Lily

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I have several planters I would like to grow lilies in. Ideally they need to be very fragrant, no staking is preferable, something pink or purple to fit in with our scheme. Is there anything you would suggest please? Something we can leave in which will flower again next year too. Emphasis on the fragrance really, thanks.

Hi Jessica

If you would like scented lilies, then anything that says ‘Oriental’ in the variety is highly scented. The general rule of thumb is the whiter/lighter the flower, the more fragrant it is (as it attracts insects by its scent rather than colour). However, all oriental lilies have a lovely fragrance.
Please look at the following links for scented lilies, you can filter your search by colour by using the search engine at the top of the page:

Oriental Lilies
Oriental Lilies

Oriental Trumpet Lilies (taller varieties)
Oriental Trumpet Lilies

All lilies can be left outside during the winter and will flower year after year.

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When is the best time to purchase begonias?

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Bob L

I purchased begonias from you last year, what a marvellous crop they gave me, they were the talk of the street, this year I don’t want to be slow in getting them !!

Hi Bob

I’m so pleased to hear how good your Begonias were.

If you pre-order them now, they will be dispatched to you in March.


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