Lily beetles

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How can i stop them annihilating all of my lillies.
I’ve put the plants in the greenhouse and they still manage to get at them
What can I do?

Hi Elizabeth

We have a few options to try with eradicating the Lily Beetle. You can try using the Lily Beetle Prevention Spray (SKU17972) or make up your own with the Lily Beetle Prevention Concentrate (SKU179721). Or you could try making your own Garlic Solution to spray on with garlic and water.

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Transplanting lily bulbs from pot to the garden

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Graham B

The area that i want to plant them is not ready yet. Some of the bulbs are shooting, can i plant them in 3-4 ltr pots now in a cold greenhouse, and when I’m ready carefully transplant them outside probably next month at the earliest. By the way arrived in perfect condition & well packed 10 out of 10.
Await your reply cheers Graham

Hi Graham
Thank you for your email – it’s great to hear your feedback.
Yes it will be absolutely fine to transfer your bulbs from a pot to the garden in a month’s time – just be careful not to damage the shoots when you transplant them.

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Posting of bulbs

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Theresa isaac

Can you let me know if you do postal delivery of bulbs please

Yes our mail order for bulbs is sent via Royal Mail on a 48hour tracked delivery service.

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Help with growing Nerines

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I would like to buy some Nerine bulbs have never grown them before some advice on the best ones to get for a spectacular show.
Did buy some early in the year from another firm planted in January as per instructions rain and frost I found they had rotted in the soil😩
Grateful for advice.Thanks

Oh no – we have have some lovely varieties of Nerines. Have you seen the
Breeder’s Blend of Nerines (SKU17666134444) this is great for a mass display of different colour.

Nerines are happy to be planted in the spring for a late summer to early autumn display of colour. Locate your permanent position to plant your Nerines preferably in a sunny spot where you know they won’t be disturbed.

Planting Nerines in swathes of 3 or more bulbs will produce a lovely floral display. Space each bulb 20cm (8″) apart and ensure to plant them with their neck above ground. Ensure your soil is has good drainage.

Harts’ Hint
“Nerines thrive on a lack of disturbance and being planted in a sunny area. Do not fear if these autumn beauties take a little longer to flower, once they do they’ll be worth the wait!”

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just wanted to say thanks

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Just to say thank you for our (first) order that was received today. All the bulbs look fab, were well packaged and the enclosed info was helpful.
I’ve had problems with online garden orders in the past, but this is the way it should be done.
I’ll certainly return for some autumn planted bulbs later this year.

Hi Tony

That’s fantastic to hear! Thank you so much. If you get a chance to leave a review on Trustpilot, we would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for dropping us an email – it has definitely made us smile.

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Help with deciding on scented lilies

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H. Cole

Hello i would like to order about four varieties of lilies but would like some suggestions on the most beautifully scented ones with very large flowers.



Hi Henriette

We have lots of varieties to choose from. The most scented lilies are the white oriental lilies.
Oriental Lilies
The whiter the flower the more fragrant it is as they attract the wildlife by their scent rather than colour.

Have you seen the roselilies? These are beautiful double-headed flowers and are highly scented also.
However, if you are after larger flower blooms, then the oriental trumpet lilies are the largest in size and height. These are called tree lilies due to their height. Nymph is a gorgeously scented lily:
Oriental Trumpet Lilies

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Lilies in a conservatory

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Florence L

Please could you tell me if I can grow lilies in an indoor, unheated north facing conservatory?
I’d be most grateful to hear from you.

We grow our lilies in a glass house so they will be absolutely fine. Just ensure the containers they are in have plenty of drainage.

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Message of thanks

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Denise H

Thank you for our order really pleased with the quality and size of bulbs received, looking forward to seeing them all in flower in the summer. Very impressed with gloriosa rhizomes.

HI Denise

Thank you so much for your lovely comments – we really appreciate hearing from our customers.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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