Advice about cutting roselilies

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Paul C

Hi. I planted out some roselilies for cutting in a cutting bed and I’ve just started bringing them in, delighted with the results.
I just want some advice about whether they will repeat flower next year and if there is any way I should cut or feed them to improve the chances. I am so delighted with them we will be buying new stock anyway but would like this to become a recurrent bed if at all possible. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi Paul
You need to leave a good amount of stem on the lilies to die back naturally to feed the bulb for the following year. If the lilies are cut too short then they probably won’t flower very well for a few years. I’d suggest leaving at least 2ft of stem if you can. You can give them a diluted tomato feed to help them every 2 weeks.

Samantha Roselily

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Lilly Nymph and Dalian

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C. Flower

Dear Harts Nursery,
I purchased the above lillies from yourselves earlier this year and planted in large terracotta pots.
This is the first time I have grown tree lillies, so am a complete novice.
They are growing well and have buds. Should I be feeding them and if so, how often and with what?

Kind regards,
Carolyn Flower

Hi Carolyn

Yes you can feed your tree lilies when you start to see signs of growth with a diluted tomato feed every 2 weeks.

Once they have finished flowering, snip off the flower heads and leave the stem and foliage to die back naturally before removing it all. This will feed the bulb for the following year.

Lily ‘Nymph’ (harts1027)

Nymph Lily

Lily ‘Dalian’ (SKU17770)

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Gloriosa | The Flame Lily

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I have just bought 3 bulbs from your stall at Tatton Flower Show. I think I was told that I could plant them now, but looking on your website it says Spring. I am puzzled. Please advise. Thank you.

Hi Hilary

Yes plant them now as advised and they will flower this year still – just a little a later as they’ve been held back in Coldstore.

They will then revert back to their usual flowering cycle next year.

Be careful not to knock your gloriosa rhizomes as they can be stubborn to get going if they are knocked at all.


The Flame Lily

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Could you please tell me when tulip bulbs will be sent out, for next year?

Hi there

We are sending out our tulips in Sept, October and November. You can pre-order them now and then choose which month you would like them sent to you when you check out.


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Allium flower colour change

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B. Dwyer

I have a blue flowering allium – variety unknown. This year it has only 2 flowers, both of which are white! Could this be stress induced given the extreme weather we\’ve had this year?

Hi Barbara

Yes stress from the heat can cause flowers to revert to white. Isn’t nature wonderful.

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Care of bulbs beyond first year

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Jane S

I have purchased a number of lilies from you which are all in pots through the year-they are looking spectacular at the moment! Moving forwards, should I be lifting them, replacing the soil (in which case with what )or can I just leave them and feed them after flowering-
Again with what?
Many thanks
Your advice

Hi Jane

Your lilies can be left in the same pot over winter. Just give them a fresh amount of compost (a good multi-purpose compost mixed with John Innes No.3) on top and feed them with a diluted tomato feed when they start to show signs of growth, feed them every 2 weeks.

After 3 years, you can lift your bulbs and break off the baby bulbets and replant them all. Again add some fresh compost and added grit if necessary.

Hope this helps.


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Pot Lilies

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Maureen W

Hi there
I will need to replace 3 pots with low growing lilies, when will new stock be available?
Thank you

Hi Maureen

We have started adding our lilies back in stock and we will be adding to these as soon as we know which crops will be available for February.

You can pre-order some now and if you wish to add to your order at a later date, just email me on this address with your order number and I can add to it for you and take payment either over the phone or send a paypal request.

Pot Lilies

Magny Course

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Allium Ambassador

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thelma – 

My alliums were spectacular! When you say ‘cut back’ – do you mean take the heads off when finished or cut back the stalks as well?. The dead heads look very attractive but I will cut them off if it’s best. The flower heads when in full bloom had a unpleasant scent when up close – is this natural?

HI Thelma

Yes Alliums are part of the onion family and will smell similar to an onion unfortunately.

Once the whole allium head and stem turns yellow/brown and hollow, it can be removed completely.



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Tulip Bulbs

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Michele soden

When is the right time to buy tulip bulbs for autumn planting?

Hi Michael

You can pre-order tulip bulbs now and they will be delivered in September.

However, we do advise waiting for the first frosts before planting your tulips, usually by November as this will wipe out any viral and fungal diseases that may be in the soil and which may infect the bulbs.




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