Growing Flame Lily

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I received 3 x rhizomes from you this time last year, they flowered beautifully during April, May and June and then gradually died down.
I have kept them in a pot inside since.
Are they likely to re-flower this year?

Many thanks and regards,
Gary Austin

Hi Gary

Yes, your Gloriosa should flower again this year. They may have even multiplied? Start them off indoors and then move them outside in the summer months.

All the best

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The Flame Lily

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Vivien H

When & how do I start my gloriosa tubers back into growth please? I have stored them in a cold, frost free place over winter.
Thank you,

Vivien Hubbuck

Hi Vivien

You can start off your Gloriosa now indoors before transferring them outside in the summer months. Plant in pots with suitable drainage holes.
Plant 3 Rhizomes to a 14-16 inch pot.
Use a multi-purpose compost or John Innes No. 3 for your Gloriosa.
Site your Gloriosa Lilies where they will receive full sun to light shade, so on a window sill or in a conservatory would be ideal.
The root and shoot come from the same end and need to be planted downwards on a 45 degree angle in a triangle formation. They’ll figure out which way is up.
Plant the Rhizome 3-4″ deep and 6-8″ apart. The tip of the Rhizome can point out the top of the soil by an inch.
Take care NOT to touch the growing points on the bulbs; bumping and abraiding this area tends to reduce sprouting


The Flame Lily

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Pink or Purple Flowers for Summer

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A. Van Zeller

Hi, I am creating a narrow border for a holiday cottage. I wanted to repeat plant something with a pom pom flower – to give the border some structure and because I like them 🙂 I have been looking at both agapanthus and alliums, but I am not sure on a variety that would work best. With both agapanthus and alliums, I prefer the varieties that have thinner, more grass like leaves that stay neat, but I have found it difficult to find the height I wanted (60cm +). The border is north east facing and I’m in north Derbyshire, so I need something that is fully hardy. I would prefer something purple or pink. I wonder if you have any ideas please.

Hi Anne-Marie

It’s the wrong time of year to plant Alliums as these need planting in the Autumn for Spring flowering. With Alliums, the foliage dies back before the flower comes. Therefore based on your requirements, I would suggest Agapanthus. You could also look at Nerines as these will flower a little after the Agapanthus into the Autumn giving you more colour for longer.


Dr Brouwer Agapanthus

Dr Brouwer Agapanthus


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Dahlia tubers POM POM

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– William C –

Does the mixed Dahlias mean that you can get different colours from one tuber (single plant). Thank you for your help.

Hi William

No each tuber will produce the same coloured flower. The mix pack means you will receive 5 different tubers that will each produce different coloured flowers.

We do have Rebecca’s World Dahlia that does produce different variations of colour on each flower from the one tuber. It’s spectacular.

Dahlia ‘Rebecca’s World’ (SKU1786511)

Dahlia Rebecca’s World

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Large Lily Flower Heads

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Riki B

Which varieties of lilies has the largest flowers? Not including the giant lilies please.

Hi Riki

The Oriental Lilies will have the largest flower heads if you are not wanting the tree lilies.

Oriental Lilies

Have a look at Casa Blanca, Auratum goldband or Homerus, these are good varieties with large flowers.

Lily ‘Casa Blanca’ (harts1091)

Lily ‘Auratum Gold Band’ (harts1001)

Lily ‘Homerus’ (SKU17686)

Casa Blanca

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