Information about Polianthes tuberosum

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Andrew B

Please can you advise me if these bulbs are easy to repeat flower in successive seasons or should they be regarded as annuals?
I had some several years ago but could get them to flower in the second year!
Thank you for your help.

Hi there,

Yes your Polianthes Tuberosa should come back each year like most bulbs. They just need a little care over winter.
Move your containers to a frost free location before the first frosts.
If your bulbs are planted in your borders, they need lifting before the first frosts and stored in a frost-free location.

Polianthes tuberosa

Further information can be found here:
Polianthes Tuberosa (SKU18324)

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Polianthes Tuberosa in pots

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Jackie M

Hello Harts. I bought 3 Polianthes Tuberosa to grow in pots. They are currently in 10cm sqare pots in a heated propagator. Can you please advise me what size pot they should ultimately be potted up into, either together or singly.
Many thanks,

HI there,

I would advise planting one polianthes tuberosa into a 10-12cm diameter pot or three tubers into a larger 15-18cm pot.

PolaiPolianthes Tuberosa (SKU18324)

Plant Polianthes Tuberosa tuber this way up ⬆️

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Bringing on lilies

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Roxanne l A

What is the best type of medium to plant lilies in when force starting indoors before moving into the garden?

You could try planting your lilies in a warm sunny position, like a glass house, windowsill of a conservatory etc.

Use John Innes No3 mixed with a multipurpose compost ensuring the pot has drainage holes. You can then feed your lilies with a diluted tomato feed.

Water regularly.


Lilies growing under glass

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Lily ‘Robina’

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Robina W

I have 3 Lily Robina in a pot. They have nice new sturdy shoots growing alongside the old stems but they also have many small groups of leaves growing as little plants. Can I repot them? Will they become true Lily Robina plants?

Hi Robina

They are baby bulblets that are forming on the side of the main bulbs. It’s probably time to divide your bulbs and replant them all. The bulblets probably won’t produce any flowers for a few years. I would wait now until your lilies have died back this year before you divide them. By the end of Autumn would probably be best the time.


Robina Lilies

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Harrogate Flower Show 2022

Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2022

Hurrah! The show season is upon us and we’ve hit the ground running. Our first show being at the Great Yorkshire Show Ground and it’s not one to disappoint. We were delighted to receive our first award of the year… a Premier Gold Award! Each year, it gets just as nail biting to see what we’ve received after judging… you’d think it would get easier but it doesn’t. The first show is always one we like to get right from the start. Judging is quite complex too. There’s so many factors to receiving an award, from the condition of the flowers, the layout, the signs and so on. Well done to all the exhibitors for another fab display throughout.

Once we are back in the nursery, we will continue to send out all your online orders that we received over the period of the show. We hate keeping you waiting but unfortunately all our stock travels to the shows with us, it’ll be worth the wait I promise! You can still plant up your lilies and summer flowering bulbs and we will continue to send your orders out as soon as possible.

Next up… Malvern Spring Festival, 5-8th May 2022.

Watering lilies in pots

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I received bulbs from you around 5-6 weeks ago, I have stored them In compost; I am now ready to pot up; please advise how to water. I have read not to allow water logging or over watering, it I’m still unsure!
Can you be a little more specific please.

Thank you very much

Hi Caroline

You need to water your lilies regularly during active growth periods but do not over water them allowing the lily bulbs to get waterlogged as they will rot unfortunately.

So water them well (ensuring the pots have drainage holes) say once a week but more regularly when the weather is warmer.

Roselily Aisha planted in pots

Hope this helps.

The Hart Family


This question was asked by
Lauren Lumley


I’ve purchased 3 varieties of your roselilies to trial as a cut flower. Can I ask – does each bulb provide one stem? Does that contain one flower or multiple blooms?

Many Thanks


Hi Lauren

Yes each roselily bulb will produce one stem in the first year with multiple flower heads. They will then multiply over the years.


Samantha Roselily

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