White lilies.

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Lynne Edwards

Last year I was given a bouquet of white lilies, which had a sweet, not overpowering, scent like most lilies seen in florist shops.Might it be a longifolium crossed with an oriental lily? Might it be called an Easter lily?
I am trying to obtain some, but only if with a delicate scent. Please advise.

All longiflorums and Longiflorum x Oriental lilies do carry a sweeter scent than other varieties. I would recommend trying White Triumph or Gizmo bulbs.



Loraine Hart

Flowering periods of lilies

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Could you please recommend a late and long flowering Lily, in Red, Orange, and Yellow?

Oriental lilies are the latest flowering lilies. However, the longest flowering are the double oriental lilies and roselilies but these do not come in the colours you have mentioned.

Loraine Hart

Yes! It's another GOLD and the Sun is out!

We have another lovely week ahead of sunshine down at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show! And we’ve received another glorious GOLD medal with our pyramid-style exhibit of lilies in the Floral Marquee! Our outside garden display in the Plant Village has also gained 5 GOLD Flowers! We couldn’t be happier!
This annual RHS Show is set in the grounds of Hampton Court, Henry VIII’s majestic palace, in the borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, London. It really is a lovely day out for all with gorgeous gardens, fabulous florals and fantastic shopping in an unforgettable setting. Why not have a glass of Pimms sitting along the river to top off your day?

The RHS Hampton Court Flower Show is on all week until Sunday 9th July. We have a great collection of lilies still to buy and many other favourite garden bulbs. Allium Globemaster is proving very popular in our outside garden.


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My son has moved into a property and found an interesting little lily but I am unable to find a picture of it. May I forward a photo to you please? I am sure you will be able to identify it!

Please feel free to send it to us at enquiries@hartsnursery.co.uk

Loraine Hart

When to plant

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I have bought a couple of lion heart Lily bulbs and I’m just wondering when I should be planting them. I have bought bulbs before and for some reason they haven’t come up. I want to get it right this time. Please help.

If you have recently bought your bulbs at one of the shows we attend, you will need to plant them immediately (as they have been held back in a cold store and will flower this summer approx. 8-12weeks time . They will return to their normal flowering cycle next year).

Loraine Hart