Soil for Double Oriental Lily 'My Wedding'

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Susan Matthews

Should these be potted using ericaceous compost as they are going in tubs? Many thanks

Hello Susan,
Yes, Oriental Lilies like ericaceous (acidic) soil. You can try mixing it half and half with John Innes No. 3 for best results.

Happy Gardening!
Loraine Hart

Tree lilies

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Deborah Dyson (Mrs)

I have two enormous tree lilies in pots which present problems in very windy weather, trying to keep them from falling over.
All your beautiful lilies seem to require acidic soil. Here in Dorset we have chalk and clay. Are there any which will survive and flourish on this kind of alkaline soil or must I continue with pots?

Hi Deborah
Tree-like lilies (Oriental Trumpets) will grow in any soil which makes them ideal for the garden. Just make sure the soil is well drained.
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Kind regards

Loraine Hart

Growing tree lilies

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E. Wilson

I stay in the central belt in Scotland are Tree-like Lilies reasonably hardy and do they require special compost and do the bulbs multiply over time?

Tree lilies are very hardy, in fact they like a cold dormant phase and can tolerate down to -25 degrees. They are happy in any well-drained soil and will multiply over the years. After 3 years, remove the bulblets and replant.

Loraine Hart