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Harts Nursery is a 3rd generation, family-run nursery based in East Cheshire, UK. We have achieved many Gold Medals throughout our years of exhibiting at the flower shows throughout the UK, with 15 Gold Medals at the world-famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show for our colourful Lily displays. We have also received many other awards over the years including the RHS ‘EH Trophy’ for the best cut flower display in 2009 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. In 2009 and 2010, we achieved the ‘Most Creative Floral Display’ at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show. 

At the beginning of 2019, we were awarded the ‘Lawrence Trophy’ and the ‘Mrs. T E Rivis Prize’ for our cut flower display at the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2018. And to add the icing on the cake, the most prestigious award for us was the coveted ‘Presidents Award’ at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019, which was so overwhelming and unexpected! The year finished with a feature on the BBC’s Gardeners’ World about our nursery and exhibit at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2019.

We love seeing all our lovely customers at the flower shows we visit but we can’t keep all the goodies for the shows, we wanted to share more garden treats online. So we hope you like what we have to offer through our online mail order service. We pride ourselves on supplying the BEST QUALITY and TOP SIZE BULBS (not to mention they are also award-winning) for producing beautiful flowers, teamed with great customer service, you can’t go wrong when ordering with us! We offer many different varieties of Lilies, Tulips, Alliums, Callas, Begonias and other bulbous plants to suit all gardens, that are easy to grow and give you fragrance and colour all year through. Planting and Care instructions are sent with every order.

Harts Nursery & the BBC

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to have the BBC come and visit our nursery and exhibition stands at the shows. We had the lovely James Wong come and visit for the BBC’s Great British Garden Revival and then Loraine was interviewed for the BBC’s coverage of the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show.

BBC’s Gardener’s World – RHS Tatton Park Flower Show, 2019

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Lilies for cut flower

This question was asked by
Alistair H

Hi I am looking to plant some lilies for cut flowers. Could you advise on which are the best type for this purpose. I believe the ones my wife likes best are longiflorum type but are there other types that make good cut flowers ?

Thank you


Hi Alistair

I would say they are all great for cut flower but maybe avoid the tree lilies are they are rather large with very thick stems. 
All the roselilies are gorgeous, stamen-free and carry a beautiful perfume. These would be my first choice for cut flower. 

The Hart Family

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