Delivery to Italy

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E. Nouhra

Can I order from Argentina but have delivery to Italy?

Yes – we can send our flower bulbs to Italy that’s no problem. Just put the the different addresses in for the billing address and the shipping address when you order.

Loraine Hart

Lily ‘Golden ‘Splendour’

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C. Guest

I am wanting to purchase some ‘Golden Splendour’ large trumpet lily bulbs.
Please may I ask you if these bulbs will flower this year? I am a bit concerned that I may be too late for this year.

Yes all lilies planted now will flower this year. Golden Splendour lily bulbs will need to be planted as soon as you receive them and they will flowers towards the end of June, beginning of July.

Golden Splendour (harts1022)

Loraine Hart

Multicoloured Tree-like’ Lily Bulb Collection

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A. Nuttall

Multicoloured ‘Tree-like’ Lily Bulb Collection – Do the bulbs on these lilies stay in the ground over winter or do they need lifting?

Yes lilies actually like a cold-dormant phase and need to be left where they over winter. If you are planting your lilies in a pot, just ensure there’s plenty of drainage as Lilies don’t like to get water logged, you can even tip your pot on its side.

Multicoloured ‘Tree-like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) Lily Bulb Collections (SKU17752)

Loraine Hart

Great review on our flowers

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T. Auger

Just to let you know the flowers you sent me have arrived and I am very please with the condition of the tubers. Thank you and I will use you again, plus tell all my friends out here in Spain

Thank you for your lovely feedback. It’s always nice to hear a happy customer!

Loraine Hart

Lilium Candidum availability and dispatch times

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I would like to know if you have any in stock and ready to ship to italy?

Yes we do ship our Lilium Candidum to Italy, however it is the wrong time of the year to plant them at the moment. They will be back in stock to order from June onwards and they will be dispatched in the Autumn ready for planting.

Lilium Candidum (Madonna Lily) Pack of 3 Bulbs (SKU17646)

Loraine Hart

Pesticides for lilies

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I have bought some dynamix lillies from you. Last year my lillies were all diseased as they flowered. Any suggestions or pesticides I can use which is bird and animal friendly. Thanks.

Are you sure the lilies were diseased or do you think it could have been Lily Beetle? We recommend using a Neem Oil Spray you can make yourself. Using a hand spraye, add 1 teaspoon of Neem Oil (5ml) plus a small amount of washing up liquid (as a surfactant) with approx. 500ml water. So 1 part Neem Oil to 100 parts water (1:100).

Loraine Hart

Delivery of Lilies

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Margaret Gower

Hi, I need to order a collection of lilies but want to check what your current dispatch time is as I shall be away after the next 5 weeks and unable to accept a parcel. Thanks

Good morning,
We are now away from the nursery at the RHS Cardiff Flower Show. We will be returning to the nursery Monday 16th April. Your order will be dispatched then unless you would like us to keep your order until your return? If so, please make a note in the Comments section (when you checkout) to say deliver after a date of your choice. Best wishes

Loraine Hart

Lilies as cut flowers

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A. Hills

I always buy lilies to grow in pots to display round the garden. When I get too many I plant them out on my allotment. I can then use them as cut flowers , but will this deteriate the bulbs as they will not die back naturally?

Hi Anthony

This is a good question. If you do cut your lilies for indoor flowers or even remove foliage before it has completely died back naturally it will cause small or limited flower quantities the next season.

Lily bulbs get their energy for the next growing season from the leaves. If you cut them back prematurely, next year’s growth and flowers might be diminished.

Loraine Hart