If i cut my lilies will they grow back the following year?

This question was asked by
M. Smith

I have had spectacular results with my Roselilies. One in particular has 5 flower heads. If I cut them to take indoors will this compromise the bulb? I am hoping they will flower again next year.

Yes – unfortunately, it will not flower as well the next year. The flower stem and foliage needs to die back naturally to give the energy back in the bulb. If you do use them for cut flower, don’t worry they will mature again over time.

Loraine Hart


This question was asked by
L. Pugh

The DIGNITY bulbs I purchased at RHS Cardiff are absolutely incredible. The scent is intoxicating & wafts its way through
the entire patio. Many thanks.

Aww thank you for sharing. If you’re on Facebook, we would love to receive your review on there.


Loraine Hart


This question was asked by
J. Heisse

I recently saw Lillies planted in shade under trees at Wisley, and they looked splendid. Which lillies would you suggest for shade or semi woodland conditions. In passing I would like to say how thrilled I am with my last order of double lillies, they are breathtaking!

Did they look smaller than usual? They were probably Martagon Lilies. They work well in woodland areas with partial shade. We dispatch our Martagon lilies in the Autumn ready for planting.


Loraine Hart


This question was asked by
K. White-hamilton

I am a cut flower florist and will be expanding my collection next year and would like to use your bulbs again after a trial this year. What species do you recommend please? I’d be looking for mostly single or triple headed stems
a nice scent and good length of stem.

All our lilies are fabulous as cut flower. The tree lilies (Oriental Trumpet lilies) can have a very thick stem and huge flower head so they may be rather heavy for a hand-tied bouquet. However, the Roselilies or Double Oriental Lilies always look lovely in a bouquet especially a bridal bouquet as they don’t have any pollen but still carry the gorgeous scent. If you are looking for a burst of colour, then any of the Asiatic lilies will do this. Most lilies will reach between 80cm to 100cm if not taller except the shorter Pot Lilies.



Loraine Hart

Snowdrop bulbs

This question was asked by
Elizabeth MacDonald

We visited your stand at the Malvern Autumn Show last year. We’re getting married in October 2018 and are giving our guests snowdrop bulbs as favours. If we order the bulbs within the next month or so will they be dispatched in time for our wedding on 21st October?
Many thanks

Yes – We can have these dispatched to you the beginning of October. Delivery is 24-48hours from dispatch.

Loraine Hart

The wonderful lily I bought from you

This question was asked by
R. Moore

Hi I’d like to send you a photo of the lovely lilacs Lilies Asiatic Lionel Heart I bought at The RHS Chelsea flower show this year. The first flower has just come out..
Amazing . How can I do this?
Best wishes

Oh yes please – please send it to enquiries@hartsnursery.co.uk!

Loraine Hart

Robina lily bulbs to buy

This question was asked by
M. C motton

I would like to buy some lily bulbs, the variety is called Robina, it was the lilies used as a coffin spray for my mother and I just want to grow some as a keepsake.

Hello there,
What a lovely momento. Yes you can purchase some Robina bulbs from us online. See link below.

Robina (harts1029)

Loraine Hart

growing lilies from seed

This question was asked by
J. Carter

Last year I obtained some Martagons from you this year they have settled in beautifully and some are setting seed. I would like to know how long it will be;from seed to flower. and the best way of germinating them. I am 84!!! The lilies I had from you this year (Jap hybrids etc, are absolutely stunning ad I can’t thank you all enough.

So lovely to hear how happy you are with your flowers.
We have found with Martagons that they are best to be left to self seed. Martagons will multiply and spread very quickly! They are just stunning!

Loraine Hart