When to move Martgon lilies.

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M. Galen Carter

We bought some gorgeous Martagon lilies from you in 2016 ? They have done splendidly but now we would like to move some of them. Can we do this now or should we wait until spring ? We live in Devon, but 800 ft up, but do not get very heavy frosts.
Advice would be much appreciated.

Your Martagon Lilies are fine to be moved this Autumn providing everything has died down.

Loraine Hart

Lily flowering time

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D. Spitzley

What lilies are the latest flowering, fragrant ones that you can recommend for planting in pots, please?

Hi there,
The Roselilies lilies are the latest flowering lilies and will produce a gorgeous scent:


Roselily ‘Elena’ (SKU17618)

Roselily ‘Fabiola’ (SKU17678)

Loraine Hart

Why are lilies dispatched in the Spring?

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Hi, everything I want is in stock or available to order but delivery not until Feb/march so I am confused, CB

Yes – you can order it now for delivery in Feb/March next year as that’s when the crop is available to lift and dispatch. All lilies need planting in the Spring for Summer flowering.

Loraine Hart

Harts Nursery Catalogue

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Derrick Hallam

Do you do a catalogue of all your garden bulbs that you can send?

We have stopped producing a catalogue of our lilies and other bulbous plants as we are considering the environment. We have all our varieties online, or he can download our online catalogue.


Loraine Hart

Autumn months and helping lilies to flower

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I bought 5 Leona lily bulbs at Chatsworth Flower Show. The lilies are healthy but the flower heads have not opened. It has started to get cooler and i am not sure whether to bring the pot indoors to encourage the bulbs to flower,

Yes – if your lilies haven’t flowered yet and it’s the Autumn months, we would advise bringing your lilies indoors now (September) to help them flower due to the cold weather.

Loraine Hart

Feeding Oriental Lilies

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P. Shore

Do you recommend feeding pot-grown lilies after they have bloomed, and if so with what kind of fertiliser/plant food?

We suggest watering your lilies moderately after they have finished flowering but do not let them get waterlogged. You can also try using a Tomato feed on your lilies.

Loraine Hart

Free lilies!

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A. Prowse

Thanks for a wonderful bunch of ‘free’ lilies at the end of the Wisley show yesterday!!!!!!!
cheers to all you hard working staff,

You’re very welcome! Thanks for getting touch.

Loraine Hart

Replanting Scadoxus Multiflorus

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J. Macpherson

I bought bulbs from you this year and they have been beautiful. I would now like to group them and wondered when I could lift and replant them.

After your Scadoxus Multiflorus has finished flowering, cut the flower head off and allow the stem and foliage to die back naturally. Once your Scadoxus Multiflorus has died back completely, you can lift them. Scadoxus Multiflorus need protection over the Winter months, so I would suggest storing your bulbs somewhere dry like a shed or an alternative frost-free area. If you are replanting them in pots, just bring the pot into shelter until the risk of frost has passed.

Loraine Hart