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Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs)
Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs) Gloriosa The Flame Lily How to plant Gloriosa Rhizomes  Gloriosa Rhizomes to plant

Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs) Gloriosa

Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs for sale

Also known as The Flame Lily, Trailing lily, Glory Lily, Fire Lily,
Genus Gloriosa
Colours Pinkish-red/Yellow
Aspect Full Sun/Partial Shade
Height 3m
Planting period Ideally Spring but up until Autumn
Flowering period Summer
Soil Type Well-drained using John Innes No 3/Multi-purpose Soil
Size for this price Large
Delivery time February to end of May 2019
Also suitable for containers Yes
Scented Yes
Double flowered No
What is being sold? Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs for sale
Google Shopping title Gloriosa: Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs)

Description of Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs) Gloriosa

Gloriosa, 'The Flame Lily' is an exotic-looking, trailing lily of pinkish-red and yellow petals with lime green foliage. Gloriosa Lilies are commonly known as flame lily, fire lily, gloriosa lily, glory lily, superb lily, climbing lily, and creeping lily.
Gloriosa Lilies are perennial herbs that climb or scramble over other plants with the aid of tendrils at the ends of their leaves and can reach 3 meters in height. They have showy flowers, many with distinctive and pronouncedly reflexed petals, like a Turk’s cap lily, ranging in colour from a greenish-yellow through yellow, orange, red and sometimes even a deep pinkish-red.
Gloriosa lily bulbs are a rootstock, horizontal rhizome.
Pack of 3 Rhizomes /Bulbs.
Gloriosa is the National Flower of Zimbabwe. Gloriosa - The Flame Lily Bulbs from the Gold Medal winning Harts Nursery

Planting and growing instructions: Gloriosa - The Flame Lily Bulbs from the Gold Medal winning Harts Nursery

  • Gloriosa Lilies like a well-drained soil.
  • Find a suitable location in your garden or, preferably, plant in pots with suitable drainage holes to prevent waterlog.
  • While gloriosa lilies will grow well in most moderately fertile soil, they will not survive in soggy soil or standing water.
  • Use a multi-purpose compost or John Innes No. 3 for your Gloriosa.
  • Site your Gloriosa Lilies where they will receive full sun to light shade.
  • Dig holes and plant the bulbs 3-4" deep and 6-8" apart.
  • Take care NOT to touch the growing points on the bulbs; bumping and abraiding this area tends to reduce sprouting. Just lay the bulbs on their sides in the soil and cover them with soil (at approximately an angle of 45degrees). They'll figure out which way is up.
  • It's often helpful to add a support for the vines to clamber up.
  • After planting, water your Gloriosa lilies generously, soaking the soil to settle it around the bulbs.
  • Roots and sprouts will form in a few weeks and these plants flower at a young age. (If the soil in your area is still quite cool wait until it warms before planting.)

Plant care: Gloriosa - The Flame Lily Bulbs from the Gold Medal winning Harts Nursery

  • Water periodically during the growing season if rain does not occur.
  • About 1" of water per week is a good estimate of the amount needed during active growth periods.
  • Half strength fertilizer added to the water every two weeks usually keeps plants blooming strongly throughout the summer and sometimes into early fall.
  • After your Gloriosa has finished flowering for the season, leave the foliage in place; don't cut it off. The leaves will gather sunlight, create food through photosynthesis and strengthen the bulb for the future.
  • Water as needed.
  • Leaves and stalks may be removed when they yellow.
  • Gloriosa Lily Bulbs don’t like to get too cold, therefore if the temperature drops to -7 degrees, you'll need to lift Gloriosa lily bulbs and store them indoors in ever so slightly damp peat moss. Or you can just replace them next spring for another year of winged blooms.
  • Your Gloriosa lilies will rest for a few months before beginning the next growing cycle in the spring/summer.

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Locating the Fire Lily

This question was asked by
A. Keser

Hello, I am trying to locate a Fire Lily plant or bulb for my mother, I am struggling to find one online and wondered if you stocked them?

Yes we do stock the Fire Lily, it’s also called Gloriosa The Flame Lily. These are sent out next month and will flower in the summer. See link below.

Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs) (SKU17645)

Loraine Hart

Which way to plant a Gloriosa Bulb

This question was asked by
W. Arnold

How can I tell which way to plant a Gloriosa bulb? I can’t tell which is the growth tip and tail end?

Great question and this is one that baffles a few people. Below I have attached a diagram to show which way to plant a Gloriosa Rhizome/Bulb. It’s also best to plant the Gloriosa Rhizomes on a 45 degree angle as well.




Gloriosa bulbs in storage

This question was asked by

I bought some Gloriosa bulbs from you in the autumn. I have just discovered them in a paper bag and they look healthy with small roots sprouting. Should I plant them now in pots in the conservatory where I did well with them in other years. Dublin and mild climate but not as warm as London.

Your Gloriosa bulbs (rhizomes) can be planted now. Just be careful that it’s not too cold in the conservatory what with the cold weather we are still experiencing this Spring. If it is still quite cold in your conservatory, plant your gloriosa bulbs in a pot and let them start growing indoors and then put them in your conservatory.

Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs) (SKU17645)
Loraine Hart

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