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Lily Beetle Prevention
Lily Beetle Prevention Scarlet lily beetle Grazers Lily beetle repellent Lily beetle

Lily Beetle Prevention LILIES

Bulbs for sale for Autumn dispatch

Size for this price 750ml
Shipping est Delivery in Spring 2020 now!
Delivery time Available from February to April 2020!

Description of Lily Beetle Prevention LILIES

Keep Lily Beetle at bay with this Wildlife-friendly, Eco-friendly, Child and Pet-friendly, all-natural lily Beetle prevention solution 'Grazers'. Grazers will also strengthen and stimulate the plant growth.  

Scarlet Lily Beetle (LILIOCERIS LILII) 

This scarlet coloured pest can feed on lily and fritillaria foliage in spring to early summer. Bulbs can become under-sized and flowering the following year can be jeopardised. These pests can be seen in their various stages of growth and are all equally dangerous. Reddish brown eggs lead onto grubs and then finally to bright red beetles with black head and legs.

How to use:
Spray every 7-10 days upon first sighting (from March onwards).
Grazers G4 solution is: 
  • Pet friendly
  • Child friendly
  • Eco friendly
  • Wildlife friendly
Buy Lily Beetle Repellent | Award winning Harts Nursery

Planting and growing instructions: Buy Lily Beetle Repellent | Award winning Harts Nursery

  • Spray every 7-10 days from first sighting (from March onwards). 
  • Ready to use.

Plant care: Buy Lily Beetle Repellent | Award winning Harts Nursery

  • To prevent Lily Beetles from damaging your lilies, we recommend using the Lily Beetle Prevention Spray. This Spray (Grazers G4) will also stimulate growth of your lilies.
  • You can feed your lilies with a Tomato Feed to stimulate and strengthen your lilies when you start to see signs of growth. Make up your tomato feed with half the recommended dilution (written on the instructions on the bottle) and feed once every 3 weeks. 
  • Use on Lilies and Fritillaria Imperialis (Crown Imperials).


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Lily Beetles on Fritillaria

This question was asked by
B. Cormack

Would it not be a good idea to remind people to look out for the damned Lily Beetles on Fritillaries. My fritillaria meleagris have been attacked by the beetle for the last two years, and I now keep a close eye on them as soon as the leaves appear.

Hello there,
Thanks for your feedback. I do mention about the Lily Beetle on Fritillarias on the ‘Care & Planting Guide’ on our website but maybe I should add it to the individual product pages also. Thanks for the tip! Have you tried our Lily Beetle Prevention Spray for your Fritillaria?

Lily Beetle Prevention (SKU17972)

Loraine Hart

What can I feed my lilies with?

This question was asked by
E. Taylor

Can you feed lilies with anything to stimulate growth? What do you suggest feeding your lilies with for best results?

We recommend feeding all lilies with a tomato feed as soon as you see signs of growth. We also recommend using the Lily Beetle Prevention spray that not only prevents the lily beetle from ruining your foliage but it can also encourage strong growth of your lilies.

Lily Beetle Prevention (SKU17972)

Loraine Hart

Lily beetle

This question was asked by

I’ve just placed an order for an assortment of lilies but am wondering if you can recommend something for the prevention of Lily Beetle infestation? I generally pick them off by hand when I see them but with my new order, this will be rather time consuming in the future! How do you control them?

Looking forward to hearing your sound advice!


Good afternoon,
We now have a Lily Beetle Prevention spray that we highly recommend to keep the lily beetles at bay. The solution is Wildlife-friendly, Eco-friendly, Child and Pet-friendly.

Lily Beetle Prevention (SKU17972)

Loraine Hart

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