Back of the border lilies

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J. Faulkner

I have ordered from you before and have some lovely lilies… I’m a complete convert!
I have one set of 3 yellow lilies…. almost 6 ft tall at the back of one bed and they are glorious (can’t remember the variety) but they scent the whole garden in summer.
I am looking to plant more lilies in other places at the back of the border and would be grateful for recommendations. I would like them sturdy and self supporting if possible. Many thanks

Good morning,
It sounds like you ma=y have some of our tree-like lilies already. These lilies are a great variety for height and scent and they are happy to grow in any well-drained soil. Have you looked at our other tree-like lilies (also known as Oriental Trumpet Lilies or Orienpet Lilies)? Please find attached some lovely, highly scented lilies we would recommend for your garden:

Amarossi (SKU17755)

Terrasol (SKU17773)

Carbonero (SKU17684)

Dalian (SKU17770)

Zambesi (SKU17616)

Loraine Hart