Narcissus ‘Night Life’

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Adele D

Hello. I grew this daffodil this year and would like to include it in the Sept issue of Which Gardening. At the moment it’s showing as out of stock. Are you likely to have it available for sale this autumn? Thanks.

Hi Adele,
Yes it will be available online very soon. We are currently away from the nursery exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show so so as soon as we return, we will be adding the Autumn Planted Bulbs back in stock.

Night Life Daffodil


Best wishes

The Hart Family

Fritillaria lilies

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Helen Green

I have just received a delivery of bulbs from you and I must say l am delighted with them.I am wanting to order some fritillaria lilies they seem to be out of stock will you have any more available for this autumn.

Hi Helen

That’s very lovely of you to email. Thank you.

Yes we will have Fritillaria available to order for delivery in the autumn. If you click on the ‘Notify me when back in stock’ you’ll receive an email letting you know when you can order them.


Best wishes

The Hart Family

Planting of Dahlias

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Veronica M

I have just purchased from you 3 tuber “Little William”
I am planting these tubers in pots.
Could you please tell me how deep I need to plant them ?
Thank you. Veronica McLaughlin

Hi there,

Dahlias need planting just under the soil surface so cover your dahlia tubers with about 3cm (1-2″) of soil.

Dahlia Little William

The Hart Family

When will your tulips be available to purchase?

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Emmanuel N

Dear Sir/Madam

Hope you are well and safe.

I am interested in your tulip bulbs and would appreciate to know when does the sale of these bulbs begin for 2022/2023 season.

Kindest regards,

Emmanuel Naaman

HI Emmanuel
They should be back in stock very soon. If you click on the ‘Notify me when back’ in stock button, then you will receive an email as soon as they are back in stock.


Uncle Tom Tulip

The Hart Family

I purchased some lilies from you at the Harrogate Spring Show

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Anne W

The lilies I purchased had shoots about an inch/inch and a half. When I planted the bulbs on my return home I followed the instructions and buried the whole thing six inches deep.
Should I have buried the shoots or left them exposed as there is no sign of anything growing?

Hi there,

Yes it sounds about right what you have done. You need to plant the bulbs with 4-6inches above the top of the bulb. The shoots will find their way. Ensure you have planted them in well-drained soil or they will rot and in a sunny position (not shaded). I’m sure you will see them pop out of the soil surface soon as long as they are in the right conditions.

Lily Bulbs

The Hart Family

Fox tailed lillies

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I want to buy fox tailed lilies…

Ok – you can pre-order Foxtail Lilies from us in the next month and they will be dispatched in the Autumn when they need planting.
If you click on the link below, it will take you to our Foxtail Lily page and then you can enter your email address to be notified when they are back in stock ready for ordering.



Eremurus – Foxtail Lily

The Hart Family

Information about Polianthes tuberosum

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Andrew B

Please can you advise me if these bulbs are easy to repeat flower in successive seasons or should they be regarded as annuals?
I had some several years ago but could get them to flower in the second year!
Thank you for your help.

Hi there,

Yes your Polianthes Tuberosa should come back each year like most bulbs. They just need a little care over winter.
Move your containers to a frost free location before the first frosts.
If your bulbs are planted in your borders, they need lifting before the first frosts and stored in a frost-free location.

Polianthes tuberosa

Further information can be found here:
Polianthes Tuberosa (SKU18324)

The Hart Family

Polianthes Tuberosa in pots

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Jackie M

Hello Harts. I bought 3 Polianthes Tuberosa to grow in pots. They are currently in 10cm sqare pots in a heated propagator. Can you please advise me what size pot they should ultimately be potted up into, either together or singly.
Many thanks,

HI there,

I would advise planting one polianthes tuberosa into a 10-12cm diameter pot or three tubers into a larger 15-18cm pot.

PolaiPolianthes Tuberosa (SKU18324)

Plant Polianthes Tuberosa tuber this way up ⬆️

The Hart Family

Bringing on lilies

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Roxanne l A

What is the best type of medium to plant lilies in when force starting indoors before moving into the garden?

You could try planting your lilies in a warm sunny position, like a glass house, windowsill of a conservatory etc.

Use John Innes No3 mixed with a multipurpose compost ensuring the pot has drainage holes. You can then feed your lilies with a diluted tomato feed.

Water regularly.


Lilies growing under glass

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