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Tree Lilly

This question was asked by
M. Millward

I wish to buy some tree lilly’s but not sure which. I live in Blackpool and plant my lilly’s in containers to protect them from mice and frost.
I am looking mainly for scent but also colour but mainly scent to fill my small garden. Can you surggest some types please. I would like them to reach at least 6′ tall.

Hi Mark
All our tree lilies are fantastic. Usually you find the whiter the flower, the stronger the scent but Tree lilies are all highly scented . Have you seen our Tree lily collections which are a good offer at a slightly reduced price?

‘Tree like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1152)

Multicoloured ‘Tree-like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) Lily Bulb Collections (SKU17752)

The Hart Family

Roselily Isabella

This question was asked by
O. Clement

Hi! Firstly I would like to tell you that I bought you lily bulbs of Roselily Isabella in May at Chelsea Flower Show. First flowers are arriving ! . Very Nice ans smelling very good all around. I would like to have others from your nursery. Is it possible for you to send in France ? And for me to pay with my euros card ? Quickly before Brexit !! Best regards

Hi Oliver
Thank you for your email. Currently we are still sending to France. You can order online and our lilies are dispatched in Feb 2020.

The Hart Family

\’Tree like\’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs)

This question was asked by
C. Caddick

I bought some of the above lily’s from the Southport Flower show. When I opened the bag they have grown about 2 inches. I have planted them in pots will they flower this year ?

Hi there – yes they have just started sprouting and that’s absolutely fine. I’m pleased to hear you have planted them straight away as they will be in flower in about 8 to 10 weeks.

The Hart Family

Planting times

This question was asked by
Mrs teresa m B


Yesterday at the edenbridge and oxted show I bought Tulip and Lily bulbs. I intend to put both into pots. Should I plant now (Will they dry out if I don’t?) Or should I wait?



Hi –

You need to plant your lily bulbs immediately as they will flower in about 10 weeks time.

Your tulip bulbs can be planted now or kept somewhere cool and dark until you are ready to plant them. Ideally you need to plant them within the next month or so.

The Hart Family

Advice on Gloriosa

This question was asked by
Sue Riley

What should I do when my Gloriosa have finished flowering ?

Thank you

After your Gloriosa has finished flowering for the season, leave the foliage in place; don’t cut it off. The leaves will gather sunlight, create food through photosynthesis and strengthen the bulb for the future.
Leaves and stalks may be removed when they yellow.
Gloriosa Lily Bulbs don’t like to get too cold, therefore if the temperature drops to -7 degrees, you’ll need to lift Gloriosa lily bulbs and store them indoors in ever so slightly damp peat moss. Or you can just replace them next spring for another year of winged blooms.
Your Gloriosa lilies will rest for a few months before beginning the next growing cycle in the spring/summer.

The Hart Family


This question was asked by
S. Wilson

I lost the instructions you gave us on planting eremurus,
Please would you email them to me.
Thank you.

Choose a Sunny position to plant your Eremurus Bulbs. Choose your position carefully as Eremurus resents being disturbed. They prefer a Sunny position as they will develop stronger stems but they will grow in light shade also.
Eremurus Bulbs like a well-drained, sandy soil. Preferably an ordinary Acidic or Neutral soil type.
Gently tuck your Eremurus roots into a hole that is 5 to 6″ deep and 10-12″ across, fanning them out and pointing them slightly downwards.
Space plants about a foot apart. Plant carefully as the roots can break if not handled gently.
After planting, water well, gently soaking the soil and settling it around the roots. Root growth will begin in the Autumn. Top growth and flower stems will form in the Spring.

The Hart Family

Pot lillies

This question was asked by
I. Fraser

Hiya, I’m interested in your pot lily bulbs but some are out of stock. Can you tell me please when they will be ready for sale?
Thank you

Hi Irene

All our Pot Lilies that will be available for February dispatch are now all online.

The Hart Family


This question was asked by
S. Turnock

I wanted to send you a pic of the Lilium Oriental i purchased from you at Chelsea this year. Magnificent blooms at the moment with aroma wafting across the garden.
Thank you
Unable to link pic to this email

Hi there,
That’s so kind of you to get in touch – thank you! We love to see our customer’s photos. Are you on Social Media at all? If so, please feel free to tags us or put on our Facebook page.

If not, you can reply to me on here and I can share them with our other customers.

Thanks again.

The Hart Family

What do I do once my lilies have finished flowering?

This question was asked by
J. Wheeler

I have tried some of your lilies and they have been successful and beautiful thank you. Could you tell me if I now leave the stems alone without cutting down? I have only taken off the dead flowers.

Good morning Joan,

Thank you! Lilies are stunning aren’t they?

Now you’ve cut the flower head off your lilies, allow the foliage to die back naturally. Do not be tempted to cut the stem back until stems becomes hollow and brown. This will then feed the bulb for next year’s flowering. Leave the bulbs in the ground or in your pots as they like a cold dormant phase throughout the winter. Ensure they have plenty of drainage so they don’t get waterlogged as this will cause the bulb to rot. You can tilt pots on their side or under shelter to prevent this.

The Hart Family