Cobra and Voodoo lily bulbs

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David Parsons

I bought these at the Cardiff RHS show. Can you advise me what their botanical name is and how to grow?

Arisaema Speciosum is the Cobra Lily and Arum Cornutum is the Voodoo lily.

For Arisaema Speciosum, the soil must be moist but not wet, with excellent drainage to ensure the tubers and roots do not rot. While they are fussy about their drainage, Arisaema will grow equally well in acidic or alkaline soils. Arisaema are happy in dappled shade and partial sun.

The Arum Cornutum like a well-drained soil too but will tolerate more sunlight. They can be planted in full sun or partial shade. They need to be planted with 5-7″ of soil over the top.

Loraine Hart