Are there any lilies that are more resistant to the beetle?

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Are there any lilies that are more resistant to the beetle?

I would like to grow lilies this year , mainly in containers with a few in the borders.


Hi Michele

Unfortunately i can’t say any lilies are less susceptible to Lily Beetle however there are a few solutions you can do to eliminate them as much as possible:

Inspect plants regularly, pick off any adults, grubs and eggs and destroy as you see fit. Otherwise spray with Imidcloprid and sunflower oil (or Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer). If you do not like using insecticides then spraying with diluted fairy liquid or crushed garlic in water have been suggested by some of our customers. Crush a whole corm of garlic in a small pan of boiling water. Allow to cool, strain and put in a small container in the fridge. When using, dilute three parts water to one part garlic solution. Spray often, every few days, especially when it has rained. There is a garlic product available in garden centres and stores, but this is a much cheaper alternative.

We also recommend using a NEEM oil this is something we will have available to purchase on our website this year.
Loraine Hart