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Planting guide for Tree lilies

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Bought Oracle bulbs from you at Hampton Court show but can’t find them on your website when I look for planting advice & height. Could you send me brief details please? Thanks

Hello there,
Lilium Oracle is an oriental trumpet lily:

Planting Instructions:
Oriental Trumpet Hybrid Lily Bulbs should be planted as soon as possible. Ideally in the Spring but can be planted up until the Autumn.
Find a location with full sun or partial shade with well-drained soil.
Oriental Trumpet Hybrid Lilies can tolerate most soil types, Acidic or Alkaline.
Arrange the Lilies in an odd-number grouping.
If planting in the garden, plant the bulbs about 8″ apart. Space the groupings at least 3 feet apart.
If planting in pots, plant 3 bulbs in a 10-14″ ‘patio type’ pot using good-quality, multi-purpose compost.
Plant the bulbs with 4-6″ of soil above them.

Care Guide:
Lilies can tolerate very cold conditions but they do not like to get wet.
If planting in borders in the garden, the soil must be well drained and, preferably, humus rich.
If planting in pots, make sure lilies are kept moist but do not get waterlogged.
Lilies prefer to be planted in a location with at least half a day’s full sunshine, if it’s a bit too shady they will lean their stems towards the sun.
Lily bulbs do not like to be dried out so they must be kept in soil at all times.
Try to plant your lilies where they will dry out after rain to prevent Botrytis, a fungus that spots the leaves. If you do see brown spots on your leaves, spray with a fungicide recommended for roses.
If planting in pots, it may be an idea to tilt the pots on their side in the winter to prevent waterlog.
When the Lily has finished flowering, cut any seed heads back and allow the foliage to die back naturally. Do not be tempted to cut the stem back until stems becomes hollow and brown.
After a few years of flowering, you may find the Oriental Trumpets Lily produces less blooms, it may be time to lift your bulbs and divide them by breaking off the bulblets. All the bulbs will then need replanting.
To prevent Lily Beetles from damaging your lilies, we recommend using the Lily Beetle Prevention Spray. This Spray (Grazers G4) will also stimulate growth of your lilies.
You can feed your lilies with a Tomato Feed to stimulate and strengthen your lilies when you start to see signs of growth. Make up your tomato feed with half the recommended dilution (written on the instructions on the bottle) and feed once every 3 weeks.

The Hart Family

Lifting and dividing Tree lilies

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L. M Jeffery

I’ve been buying ‘tree lilies’ from you for the past few years and now the original purchases (High Tea) have made quite large clumps with 4 or 5 flowering stems. They are stunning, but are they likely to continue to bulk up? If they are, I think it might be time to lift and divide them once the foliage has died back. What is your advice, please?

We would advise lifting and dividing your bulbs after 3 to 4 years of planting.
The baby bulbs will take some time to get established though.

The Hart Family

Will lily bulbs grow on a north facing balcony?

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Mrs D Leadley

Will lily bulbs grow on a north facing balcony? I am interrested in the Roselilies.

As long as they get some Sunshine through out the day – at least a few hours and they are planted in a well-drained soil, then they will be absolutely fine.

Roselilies are a gorgeous variety. They have no stamen but they still have a lovely fragrance.

Roselily ‘Elena’ (SKU17618)

Roselily ‘Natalia’ (SKU17617)

Roselily ‘Isabella’ (SKU17619)

The Hart Family

Large yellow lily

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B. Bainbridge

On the main page what is the name of the tree lily with yellow centre / pinky buds, it’s the main pic on the link to the tree lily page?

Good morning,
This stunning variety of tree-like lily is called Manissa. The image you mention is a customer’s photo that was sent into us. It has such an abundance of blooms that are gorgeously fragrant.

Manissa (harts1025)

Loraine Hart

Lily beetle

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I’ve just placed an order for an assortment of lilies but am wondering if you can recommend something for the prevention of Lily Beetle infestation? I generally pick them off by hand when I see them but with my new order, this will be rather time consuming in the future! How do you control them?

Looking forward to hearing your sound advice!


Good afternoon,
We now have a Lily Beetle Prevention spray that we highly recommend to keep the lily beetles at bay. The solution is Wildlife-friendly, Eco-friendly, Child and Pet-friendly.

Lily Beetle Prevention (SKU17972)

Loraine Hart

Lily bulbs bought from you at Chelsea 2018

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S. Ullswater

Dear Harts, I bought several bulbs from you last year at Chelsea on the Thursday. 3 of the bulbs were huge and I think you said new that year. soft creamy yellow with stunning blooms and scented. They are still in leaf in pots outside which is a surprise to me? I would like to buy some more but have lost the name label. They were all wonderful. Yours Susie

Hello there,
Thank you for your email. How unusual that they are still in leaf, it must be all this bizarre weather we have been experiencing. I would advise cutting them down now and leaving 10″ of stem showing. They will still flower again this year. I believe the variety you bought were the huge Manissa bulbs we had on offer last year. We have a similar offer on at the moment on huge Conca D’or lilies – see below.

Manissa (harts1025)

Conca D’Or (Pack of 5 huge Bulbs) (harts10251)

Loraine Hart

Planting Flame lilies

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L. Barrowman

I have purchased 2 x 3 flame lilies from your website. Do I plant all three in one pot or one per pot? How deep should I plant the tubular?
Thank you

We advise planting the Rhizomes 3-4″ deep and 6-8″ apart. So it will depend on the size of your pot. If you wish to plant all 3 bulbs in one pot, I would suggest using an 18″ pot. If you look on our website, we advise planting the rhizomes on a 45 degree angle. A diagram can be found to show which way up to plant on the angle. I do hope that helps.
Kind regards

Loraine Hart

cutting lily stems for the house.

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alan Cook

I have planted your bulbs in pots after cutting the stems in the summer for the house, will they flower again next year and do you need to clean the bulbs and re-pot them?

Alan Cook,

You don’t need to repot or clean your lily bulbs, infact they are quite happy to stay where there are for a few years before you need to divide them and replant. Your lilies will flower again this year but they may not be as strong as previous years due to being cut.

Loraine Hart

Roselily Belonica

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D. Hayward

Is Roselily Belonica likely to come back into stock this year?

Unfortunately Roselily Belonica will not be back in stock for the foreseeable future. We have lots of other lovely Roselilies available though.

Loraine Hart