Harrogate Flower Show 2022

Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2022

Hurrah! The show season is upon us and we’ve hit the ground running. Our first show being at the Great Yorkshire Show Ground and it’s not one to disappoint. We were delighted to receive our first award of the year… a Premier Gold Award! Each year, it gets just as nail biting to see what we’ve received after judging… you’d think it would get easier but it doesn’t. The first show is always one we like to get right from the start. Judging is quite complex too. There’s so many factors to receiving an award, from the condition of the flowers, the layout, the signs and so on. Well done to all the exhibitors for another fab display throughout.

Once we are back in the nursery, we will continue to send out all your online orders that we received over the period of the show. We hate keeping you waiting but unfortunately all our stock travels to the shows with us, it’ll be worth the wait I promise! You can still plant up your lilies and summer flowering bulbs and we will continue to send your orders out as soon as possible.

Next up… Malvern Spring Festival, 5-8th May 2022.


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I am widowed and retired, a gardener not……Are there perennials that will appear throughout the year.

All our bulbs are perennials and they will come back each year. Depending on which bulbs you plant will depend on what time of year they will flower. Our website will tell you when each bulb’s flowering period is.


Start by looking in the Spring Planted Bulbs and Lilies Categories – these will flower this summer. Then you will need to look at the Autumn Planted Bulbs and these will flower int the Spring.

The Hart Family

Red lily beetles

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Jane H

My poor martagon lillies were infested last year with red lily beetle. I picked them off every day, but still the came. Do you think sticky on the stem would help or do the fly in? Any suggestions please.

Hi there
They are a nuisance those beetles.
We have a lily beetle prevention spray and concentrate you can purchase to help combat the lily beetles.

Lily Beetle Prevention Concentrate (SKU179721)

Lily Beetle Prevention Spray (SKU17972)

Lily Beetle Prevention Spray £6.95

The Hart Family

Pollen free white lilies

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Angela B

Good Afternoon
I would like to grow white pollen free lilies in a pot and would appreciate knowing which is best, the only ones I had heard of were My Wedding but found another listed. Also do lilies have a single bloom from each bulb or multi flowers?
Thank you
Kind regards
Angela Booty

Hi Angela

Each bulb/stem can produce multiple flower heads.
We have quite a few white, double oriental lilies including Roselilies which are a newer variety that are pollen-free with a gorgeous scent:

Lily ‘Empress’ (SKU177222)

Empress Lily

Lily Empress

Lily ‘Fondu’ (harts10391)

Lily Fondu

Lily ‘Humber’ (harts103911)

Lily Humber

Lily ‘My Wedding’ (SKU17722)

Lily My Wedding

Lily ‘White Tornado’ (harts103912)

Lily White Tornado

Roselily ‘Aisha’ (SKU176191)

Roselily Aisha

Roselily ‘Angela’ (SKU17778)

Roselily Angela

Roselily ‘Dejima’ (SKU17989)

Roselily Dejima

Roselily ‘Leona’ (SKU17786)

Roselily Leona

Roselily ‘Monica’ (SKU17619111)

Roselily Monica

All are equally stunning, it just depends on your personal preference.

The Hart Family

Flame Lily (Gloriosa) colours available

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Hi we want to buy some flame lily (Gloriosa ) tubers. Do you have the yellow ones as well as the red ones if so how do we order different colours They must be tubers

HI Roland

I’m afraid we only have the red ones. You can purchase them here:

Gloriosa | The Flame Lily (SKU17645)


The Flame Lily

The Hart Family

Lilium Speciosum var. album.

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Stella S

I am trying to source Lilium Speciosum var. album.

I wonder if this is a lily that you may be stocking at some point.
Thank-you for your help with this query.
Kind regards,
Stella Sinden

Hi Stella

We have Lily ‘Speciosum Var. Rubrum Uchida’ not Var. Album. A beautiful softly scented specie lily.

Lily ‘Speciosum Var. Rubrum Uchida’ (SKU17761)

Lily ‘Speciosum Var. Rubrum Uchida’

The Hart Family

Roselily Annika

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Kate M

I am keen to purchase Roselily Annika but it would appear that it is not available to purchase individually.
Can you confirm that it is to be included in the collection?
Many thanks

Hi there,

I am afraid not, the collection will contain a mixture of the roselilies we have in stock. if there is a particular variety you would like to include, please leave a note in the comments box and we will try our best to add it for you if it is in stock.

If you like Annika, have you seen Leona? That is very similar.

I have linked it below for you to have a look at.

Roselily ‘Leona’ (SKU17786)

‘Roselily’ Bulb Collection (Pack of 10 Bulbs) (SKU17653)

Roselily Leona

The Hart Family

Delivery time

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Hi i would like to buy some lily bulbs. When I go to checkout it only gives me February as a dispatch date? Am I able to get them sooner ?

These are the ones I would like to buy.

Lily ‘Accolade’
Roselily Bulb Collection (Pack of 10 Bulbs)
Lily ‘Forza Red’
Lily ‘Netty’s Pride’

Many thanks

Hi there,

Our lily bulbs will be dispatched from February onwards. This is when our crops are available.

Lily Accolade

Kind regards

The Hart Family


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jamie – 

Good day I wanted to find out when the gypsophila will be in stock?

Hello there

Yes our Gypsophila is back in stock for you to pre-order now. We have 2 varieties, one white and one pink. They will be ready for dispatch in the next month,

Gypsophila Flamingo (Pack of 3 Bare roots) (SKU180561)

Gypsophila White ‘Fairy perfect’ (Pack of 3 Bare Roots) (SKU18056)

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