lily flowers that go green and thick and dont open

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Anthony S

firstly to say we missed you at the shows this year but at least we have been able to place orders online for autumn/ spring planting.
i am sure you have been asked this a thousand times but the internet only seems to be interested in calla lillies with this problem– i have a couple of lily bulbs this year that have a problem with flowers greening up and not opening firstly what is the cause and secondly am i safe to grow them next year or do i need to destroy those affected–thanks Anthony

Hi Anthony

It could be stress caused by extreme weather conditions. We have had some really hot days followed by plenty of rain and this can cause problems with the lilies. I wouldn’t destroy them as they should flower again next year. Ensure there is plenty of drainage and that they don’t get too hot. Let them die back naturally and give them a feed next year with a slow release fertiliser.

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