lily soil planting query

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Debs K

I have just spent an afternoon planting my lily bulbs bought from you ( I am growing them for my sons wedding) .. ORDER 3042640 : LILY EMPRESS, ROSELILY AISHA and LILY AMISTAD — I am now panicking as used big pots filled with crocks in base, then mainly John Innes no 3 mixed with multi purpose and some John Innes no 2 , also vermiculite sprinkled through.
I did this after reading the lily leaflet enclosed. Now of course I am reading on the Harts website and realise I should have used ericaceous compost ?? Will my lily bulbs be ok or should I start again ..? This would be an expensive and big job. My pots are 22inch diameter . Thank you for your advice , debs

Hi Debs

What you have done sounds absolutely perfect. You can use either/or and will be fine.

I would also suggest feeding your lilies with a diluted tomato feed when you see signs of growth.

The Hart Family