Neem Oil

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Carole Jones

I used Neem oil in the recommended way with great success throughout last year. Later on after flowering I decided I would trial drenching the pots in dilute neem oil to see what would happen this year. In spite of the 15 pots of lilies being in close proximity to Fritillaries and lilies growing in the garden, from which I’ve removed numerous Lily beetles, non of the pot grown lilies have had any on them. They are growing away perfectly healthily. I decided on the drench treatment as I know that problems with Vine weevil can be treated in a similar manner. Do you think that this was a beneficial thing to do or is the lack of infestation is just coincidental?

No that sounds like a great idea to me. Neem Oil is a deterrent, so anywhere you put it around the lilies must be beneficial.

The Hart Family