Help to choose right lily for wedding

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S. Stuart

Please can you recommend a white or partly pink lily I can grow in pots to cut for a wedding in mid July? Most of the lilies I have seen don’t flower until late July onwards.

Good Evening,
I would probably advise planting some Asiatic Lilies as they are the earliest flowering lilies. However, it can be quite difficult to time their growth as they can be weather dependent. If it was me, and I wanted something in bloom for a particular date, I would probably plant a few different varieties to guarantee something will be in flower.

Have you looked at Lilium Bentley. This is a really stunning Longiflorum Asiatic double lily. In theory this should be in flower towards the end of June/Beginning of July:
Bentley (SKU17767)

You could also try the Asiatic Lily Elodie:
Elodie (harts1043)

Hope this helps.

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The Hart Family

Elodie bulbs

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Y. Passmore

Can you grow these in a pot? If so what compost etc and when.

Yes Elodie Lilies can be grown in pots, or in the garden. As Lilium Elodie is a double Asiatic Lily, they prefer an Alkaline soil. If you’re planting in pots then we would suggest a good quality multi-purpose compost with good drainage in the pots.

Loraine Hart