Calla Lilly, Hedychium, Amarines & Amaryllis

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Moira R

I bought some Calla Lilly, Hedychium, Amerines & Amaryllis bulbs from you at Tatton. I have potted them up but am now wondering if that was correct or if I should have left them until Spring. Also, what type of soil is best – gritty, manure or just garden soil?
If they do start growing just now should I remove them from the pots to over winter?
Would be grateful for advice.

Thanks, Moira

Hi Moira

Yes you have done the right thing as they still want to flower this year. They have just been held back in a coldstore and will flower later in the year. They will then revert back to their usual flowering cycle next year.

We have planted instructions care advice for each variety on our website. Please click on the links below and they will help you with overwintering and soil.

Calla Lily – Zantedeschia

Hedychium Gardnerianum The ‘Ginger Lily’ (SKU17815)


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