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I am thinking to plant tulip for my garden. If I bought the bulbs , do I simply put them straight to the soil in the garden or do I need to plant them in a pot first until the shoots come out then transfer to the garden.i see peoples’ garden have massive in a group that look amazing n that’s what I want to have too. Do they come back year after year . How do I take care of them to maintain in their best condition at all time

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Hi Alice

Tulips need planting in the Autumn for spring flowering. You can pre-order yours from us now and they will be dispatched in September. You can plant them in pots or straight into the garden as long as there is adequate drainage. Some tulips do come back year after to year. They can be left in the ground/pot but to promote strong growth and guarantee they flower the following year, you can lift your bulbs and store them after everything has died back and then plant them again the following Autumn.
We have lots of new varieties being added.

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