Which lilies are easy to grow?

This question was asked by
S. Henry

I once saw an expert on tv discussing lilies asiatic and oriental.
He said one of these was easy to grow, the other not so.
Trouble is, I can’t remember which he said was easy! Can you please help?
Thank you so much.

All lilies are fairly easy to grow as long as they are in well-drained soil. Different varieties of lilies do like different types of soil (Alkaline or Acidic). If you are unsure of your soil type in the garden, then growing them in pots will be perfect with a good multi-purpose soil and adequate drainage. But if you want to plant them in the garden borders,then go for Oriental Trumpet lilies are they are happy in any soil type.

So to answer your question, they are all easy to maintain and will come back year after year.

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