Calla Lilies

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I’ve purchased 5 packs of the Calla Lilies – Zantedeschia Brasilia, Snowstar and Picasso. I am finding conflicting information about planting advice (from different sources) and I wanted to double check whether these are appropriate to a Poorly-drained soil. I have a small ‘bog’ area next to a pond, created by a impermeable liner, and wanted to plant these bulbs there. However, the attached instructions describes planting in a free draining soil. Can you please advise?


Hello there,
The Zantesdeschia Calla Lily bulbs need planting in a well-drained soil otherwise they will rot if they are waterlogged. It’s the hardy Arum Lily Aethiopica that does well in boggy areas around ponds. Calla Lilies are ideal for planting in containers.


Calla Lilies

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