Cardiocrinum Giganteum

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Hilary A

My cardiocrinum arrived this morning.
I live in Lancashire where we are still having quite sharp frosts. I’ve read the planting instructions but am wondering if I should pot it into a pot of JI No 3 and put in my cold grow house for a month or so. We get a lot of rain where I am so I am concerned that the rain and frost combo will kill it.
Many thanks

Hi Hilary

Yes you can plant them in a pot and then move them into a shaded area. Cardiocrinum giganteum like most soil types, a JI No.3 is fine. They prefer the soil to be moist but well drained.
These lilies like a shady position where the direct sunlight will not burn their leaves.
Plant the bulbs with the tip just at the surface so you can see the bulb.

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