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Simon –

Hi, I have a raised bed 7′ x 4′ and would like to use it to grow dahlia for cut flowers.

The soil is sandy and has been dug over and weeded.

How would you advise if plant it… many tubers in this space please.

Any recommendations for a newbie.

Many thanks

Simon Town


Dahlias have specific spacing needs for optimal growth. Typically, most Dahlias require a space of about one square foot per tuber. This is to ensure that they have enough room to grow without competing with each other for resources. However, the Dinner Plate Dahlias, which are among the largest varieties, need a bit more space. They should ideally be spaced 12-18 inches apart. This additional space allows for their extensive foliage and large flowers to flourish. On the other hand, the more compact Dahlia varieties can share space comfortably. Multiple tubers can be planted together in each square foot, as these types don’t require as much room to grow.


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