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During the autumn months, planting your spring flowering garden is vital and any experienced gardener will know this. If this is new to you, don’t worry, you’re in safe hands! For a spring garden full of colour and scent, now is the time to order and plant your autumn planted bulbs. If you plan it right now, you can have a succession of beautiful spring flowers from early spring right through to the summer months. We have a wide range of autumn-planted bulbs to choose from, all picked from our wealth of knowledge that we have developed over the years.

This autumn, why not try planting your early ‘show-ers’ like narcissus, followed by tulips for sophistication and glamour. Adding alliums and eremurus for fantastic height and for filling those small gaps between existing plants once your other spring flowers have finished. All are a must for a fantastic spring garden! You can also branch out from the classic spring flowers with our camassias and fritillaries and our delicate hyacinths. If you are unsure on what to choose, we have many collections that making choosing easier! 

What to plant this Autumn

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Planting calla lillies

This question was asked by
Marion T

I live outside of Eugene, Oregon. Can I leave my calla lillies in the ground year round?

I’m not sure of your climate but I would lift your bulbs to be safe. 

Here are our tips for Calla Lily Aftercare:

How to care for Callas

  • In most areas, the foliage will be hit by frost and slightly blackened. This should be cut away.
  • Lift Rhizomes before the first frosts and store them over winter before replanting them next Spring (after the risk of frost has passed).
  • Store Rhizomes in trays of compost in a cool, dark, frost-free location, e.g a garage, shed, warm greenhouse or conservatory.
  • Do not over water.

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