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I am looking for tree lillies that have a long flowering period and are reasonably tall in height. What varieties would you recommend?

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All the tree lilies will flower about the same length of time. I would recommend the Conca D’or Lily for a good strong, all-round lily. However, our Tree Lily collection is very good value for money and contains 4 different varieties:

Nymph (harts1027)

Robina (harts1029)

Manissa (harts1025)

Cocossa (SKU17672)

‘Tree like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1152)

Loraine Hart

Planting of tree lilies

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C. Robinson

I am interested in purchasing one of your lily tree collections. I want to plant these in pots and I note you suggest 3 to a 10″ pot. Can you put 4 into a 16″ pot? Also, if I was to order these now, I realise they wouldn’t come until Feb. so wondering if, paying by card, you would deduct this from my card straight away or leave it until a bit nearer to delivery. Many thanks

Hello there,
So sorry for the delay in replying. I must have missed this question. Yes 4 bulbs to a 16″ pot is absolutely fine. Payment is taken upon order.

Kind regards

Loraine Hart

Query on lily variety

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J. Wheeler

I have just ordered one Isabella lily bulb to see how I like it. Years ago, after receiving a bouquet from my son with pink lilies in it, I got the name Le Reve from the flower shop and bought some from a nursery. They were magnificent, but I have tried and been unable to get them since. Do you know this variety and where I could get it? Thank you.

Hi there,
As far as I am aware Lilium Le Reve is out of production. However we do have one called Companion which is just as beautiful. Or Lilium Myth which is a pale pink with a yellow centre.

Companion (SKU17685)

Myth (SKU17847)

Loraine Hart

Kathinka Roselilies

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A. Gibson

Dear Harts Nursery
I have previously bought Kathinka roselilies from you. I see you are out of stock at present, but I wonder if I could order some more and collect them from you at the Malvern Flower Show (as I did previously)?
Kind regards
Alli Gibson

Unfortunately, Kathinka is not available at the moment. However, have you looked at My Wedding, Monica or Pamela, these are both stunning White Double Oriental Lilies. We also have many others doubles available here:

My Wedding (SKU17722)

Roselily ‘Monica’ (SKU17619111)

Roselily ‘Pamela’ (SKU17788)

Loraine Hart

How do you bag up your Mixed lily bulb Collections

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P. Coombes

Are the individual bulb varieties labelled with the names when sent out in collections

eg White Collection 4 x 3 bulbs

Yes – the lily collections are bagged individually in their respective groups of 3 bulbs. So for each lily collection you will receive 4 bags of lily 3 bulbs.
I hope that helps.

‘Dazzling Whites’ Lily Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (SKU17730)

‘Perfect Pinks’ Lily Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (SKU17728)

‘Tree like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1152)

Asiatic Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1154)

Loraine Hart

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New Lilies for 2019

Last Summer we asked you to vote on Facebook for your favourite lily from some potential new varieties for 2019! Well, here they are in order of popularity. All these new lilies are available on our website to order for delivery in February 2019. 


Miss Lucy

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K. Greenfield

I’ve been trying to find Miss Lucy bulbs off and on for a while now but am struggling to find any. You are out of stock…do you know when you will have more to sell??
Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, Miss Lucy has been discontinued as the crop kept failing. It was a shame as it’s such a lovely looking lily. Have you looked at Roselily Kendra. That is a similar looking lily with the soft pink edges like Miss Lucy. Kendra Lily has a glorious scent without the pollen too!

Roselily ‘Kendra’ (SKU17845)
Loraine Hart

Why do you ship lilies in February?

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U. Fochler

I am interested in Lily bulb Black Beauty.
Why is the shipping not earlier than February?

Hi there,

Lilies need planting in the Spring for Summer flowering that is why we ship them throughout the months of Feb to May. The lily bulbs will be lifted in February ready for dispatch. Black Beauty is a stunning variety!

Hope this helps.
Loraine Hart

White highly scented lilies

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David A Campbell

What is the best variety for white, highly scented lilies?

Hi there,

As a rule of thumb, the white oriental lily varieties have the strongest scent. If you would like a taller variety, then the Oriental Trumpet lilies (also known as Tree lilies) will produce large flower heads and can reach up to and/or over 6ft in height. I would suggest Zambesi for this variety. We also have shorter lily varieties, like the Roselilies or the Oriental lilies. These can reach up to 100-120cm in height depending on which you choose. We have plenty of white ones, including Lilium Bodyguard or Lilium Casa Blanca, which are gorgeous Oriental lilies. The Roselilies are without stamen but still produce a gorgeous perfume, I would recommend Roselily Aisha or Roselily Kathinka. Hope this helps.

Loraine Hart