Order of bulbs

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Sue L – 

Just received another great delivery of luscious Lily bulbs. Looking forward to the wonderful colour and scent they will bring to my garden.
Trying some Dahlia tubers and a ginger lily this year. Hoping horticultural shows will be starting soon. Thank you so much.

Hi Sue

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and taking the time to email us. Fingers crossed for the summer and autumn shows – we are currently preparing for a few later spring shows and Hampton Court as well.

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Oriental lilies

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Maureen R

Having seen empress oriental lilies planted on ‘Love Your Garden’ I googled the lily and decided to order from Harts Nursery. I spoke to an extremely pleasant young man who helped me with my order and he informed me it was your bulbs which featured – so very happy. I naturally ordered more than I intended !!! and have received the excellent looking bulbs Can I use ericaceous compost in pots rather than John Innes No 3 as I have quite a large quantity already. Thx

Aww I’m so pleased to hear how happy you are! Yes an ericaceous compost is absolutely perfect for Empress.
Hope they bring you lots of joy in the summer.
Take care

The Hart Family

Best variety for scent

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Ray B

Hi Harts

looking for best lily for scent to be grown in a lily pot on a patio. The pot is approx 50cm high and 40cm diameter – how many bulbs would you advise ?



I would advise planting 3 bulbs to this size pot. If you are looking for highly perfumed lilies, then any of the orientals are perfumed. The whiter the lily the stronger the scent.

Have you seen Nymph? This is a popular variety due to it’s unique cinnamon-like perfume. Lily ‘Nymph’ (harts1027)

Here you will find links to the perfumed lilies:
Oriental Lilies
Oriental Trumpet Lilies

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Transplanting lilies

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John R – 

I have had some lilies in a pot for several years doing very well but ready for transplanting. What exactly do I go about it do not want to lose them?

You can transplant your lilies now – try not to damage any shoots. Carefully dig the bulbs up and replant them in your desired spot. Ensuring the soil has plenty of drainage. If you are planting your lilies from pots to the garden, ensure you have the correct soil for the lily type. As a general rule, oriental lilies like an acidic soil and asiatic lilies prefer an alkaline soil. If you have any of the hybrid lilies including the tree lilies – they are happy in any soil type. If the bulbs have any baby bulblets, you can divide them and replant them also. The baby bulblets may not produce much for a for the first few years but they will mature over time.
You can give your lilies a boost by giving them a diluted tomato feed.

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Lily beetles

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How can i stop them annihilating all of my lillies.
I’ve put the plants in the greenhouse and they still manage to get at them
What can I do?

Hi Elizabeth

We have a few options to try with eradicating the Lily Beetle. You can try using the Lily Beetle Prevention Spray (SKU17972) or make up your own with the Lily Beetle Prevention Concentrate (SKU179721). Or you could try making your own Garlic Solution to spray on with garlic and water.

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Transplanting lily bulbs from pot to the garden

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Graham B

The area that i want to plant them is not ready yet. Some of the bulbs are shooting, can i plant them in 3-4 ltr pots now in a cold greenhouse, and when I’m ready carefully transplant them outside probably next month at the earliest. By the way arrived in perfect condition & well packed 10 out of 10.
Await your reply cheers Graham

Hi Graham
Thank you for your email – it’s great to hear your feedback.
Yes it will be absolutely fine to transfer your bulbs from a pot to the garden in a month’s time – just be careful not to damage the shoots when you transplant them.

The Hart Family

just wanted to say thanks

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Just to say thank you for our (first) order that was received today. All the bulbs look fab, were well packaged and the enclosed info was helpful.
I’ve had problems with online garden orders in the past, but this is the way it should be done.
I’ll certainly return for some autumn planted bulbs later this year.

Hi Tony

That’s fantastic to hear! Thank you so much. If you get a chance to leave a review on Trustpilot, we would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for dropping us an email – it has definitely made us smile.


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Help with deciding on scented lilies

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H. Cole

Hello i would like to order about four varieties of lilies but would like some suggestions on the most beautifully scented ones with very large flowers.



Hi Henriette

We have lots of varieties to choose from. The most scented lilies are the white oriental lilies.
Oriental Lilies
The whiter the flower the more fragrant it is as they attract the wildlife by their scent rather than colour.

Have you seen the roselilies? These are beautiful double-headed flowers and are highly scented also.
However, if you are after larger flower blooms, then the oriental trumpet lilies are the largest in size and height. These are called tree lilies due to their height. Nymph is a gorgeously scented lily:
Oriental Trumpet Lilies

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Lilies in a conservatory

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Florence L

Please could you tell me if I can grow lilies in an indoor, unheated north facing conservatory?
I’d be most grateful to hear from you.

We grow our lilies in a glass house so they will be absolutely fine. Just ensure the containers they are in have plenty of drainage.

The Hart Family

Tall Lilies

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Carolyn B

Do you sell a tall upright white lily we only know it’s name as Ice Breaker. I am waiting to put a order in but that is one my friend wants as well as another one so I want to get the order in one go. Thank you speak to you soon to order.

HI Carolyn

That isn’t a lily we have but we have plenty of tall lilies under the section Tree-like Lilies. These can reach a staggering height of 7ft! If you would like a particular colour, you can use our search filter at the top of each category page to help you narrow your choice down.
Tree-like Lilies

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