Pot Lilies

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Maureen W

Hi there
I will need to replace 3 pots with low growing lilies, when will new stock be available?
Thank you

Hi Maureen

We have started adding our lilies back in stock and we will be adding to these as soon as we know which crops will be available for February.

You can pre-order some now and if you wish to add to your order at a later date, just email me on this address with your order number and I can add to it for you and take payment either over the phone or send a paypal request.

Pot Lilies

Magny Course

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A Compliment on your Lily Bulbs

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Catherine H

Just like to say a big Thank you, the Longiflorum Lillies are now in flower and they are Fantastic!
I would like to send you a photo if possible?
Thank you Catherine

Hi Catherine

Yes please – we would love to see your photos. Thank you so much!

If you are sharing them on social media, please tag us as well.

Longiflorum lilies

Longiflorum lilies

Longiflorum Lilies

Longiflorum Lilies

Longiflorum Lilies

Longiflorum Lilies

Many thanks

The Hart Family

How do I care for lilies in my garden after flowering?

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P. Chislett – 

Hi, it was good to see Loraine on television the other night at the show, now is that right that after flowering we are to cut of the flowering stalks. So miss seeing you at RHS Chelsea and now have to contend with having my beautiful lilies sent by post. Thank you very much.

Hi Patrick

Hope you are well. Hopefully we will be back at Chelsea next year.

Loraine on the BBC

BBC Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, 2021: Episode 1:

Yes cut the lily flower heads off from just below the flower and leave the stem and foliage to die back naturally. This will feed the bulb for the following year. You’ll notice the stem will turn brown and hollow, at this point you can remove it.

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Advice re planting lilies

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Deirdre – 

Hi – I have just had an email saying Claude Shride martagon lily is back in stock. If I buy now (July) would I receive them now or next spring? My second question is, could I plant them up in Autumn if I receive them before next spring?
Many thanks

Hi Deirdre

Our Martagon lily bulbs will not be ready for dispatch until February 2022. You can pre-order them now to avoid disappointment if we sell out.

Martagon Lilies

Claude Shride Martagon Lily (SKU17696)

Claude Shride  Martagon Lily

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Buy Lily Bulbs Now

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Katherine M

Can you tell me if you have any Lily bulbs in stock or if you will have any more in this month. I did purchase some again recently but I am hoping to buy some more from you so that I will have them flowering late on into autumn like i had last year. In fact I still had one lily flower on Christmas day last year
kind regards

Hi Katherine

I’m afraid we have stopped sending out our lily bulbs now. We have some still available to purchase at the flower shows if you are attending any of those, this week we are exhibiting at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show and then onto RHS Tatton Park at the end of the month. You can now pre-order them for delivery in February next year.


Oriental Lilies


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Scented Lilies

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I like to know what most scented lilies you have in stock pack of 10-15.

Hi Anthony

Our lilies will be available to pre-order very soon. Please keep checking back on our website and/or click on one of the links to be notified when something is back in stock. As a general rule of thumb, the whiter the variety of lily the stronger the scent – this is with anything mixed with an oriental lily though. Asiatic lilies do not carry a scent as they attract the insects by their bright colours.

Have you seen:

Roselily ‘Aisha’ (SKU176191)

Lily ‘Zambesi’ (SKU17616)

Lily ‘Nymph’ (harts1027)

These lilies all carry a fantastic fragrance.

Nymph Lily

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A particular lily

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Hazel H – 

Many many years ago I had some lilies from you which I believe were called Lakton. They were tree lilies with white/purple speckled flowers.
They have since become less and less productive and I am looking to replace them but I can’t seem to find them on your site any more.
Are they still available? If not, could you suggest an alternative of a similar colour?

Hi Hazel

Yes that sounds like Lankon – unfortunately we do not have that one any more. Have you seen Sweet Zanica? These will reach about 100cm in height are really pretty. They will be available to pre-order soon for delivery in February next year.

Lily ‘Sweet Zanica’ (SKU177031)

Sweet Zanica

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