Lilies/flowers for a wedding in September

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Hello, I am looking for lilies to plant which will flower by 1st Sept 2018 for planters at a wedding. I do not know if any lilies in flower then & if so, which ones & when to order/plant Looking for white colour only. Thanks, Grateful if you can suggest anything.

Hi Amanda
I would advise ordering your lilies for delivery later into 2018. If we dispatch them to you say the end of May/beginning of June, they usually take 8-12 weeks to flower (depending on the variety – Asiatics are usually quicker to flower than say the orientals). I think Roselilies would be perfect for a wedding especially as they don’t have any pollen but still have the scent and flower a little later. Roselily Kathinka is a lovely white double lily with a fragrance. Alternatively, we have a gorgeous Double Oriental Lily called My Wedding – which would be perfect too. If you wish to order online, please just mention in the comments that they are for a wedding in September and change the delivery date to May.

Roselily ‘Natalia’
My Wedding (SKU17722)
Kind regards
Loraine Hart