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Vivien H

When & how do I start my gloriosa tubers back into growth please? I have stored them in a cold, frost free place over winter.
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Vivien Hubbuck

Hi Vivien

You can start off your Gloriosa now indoors before transferring them outside in the summer months. Plant in pots with suitable drainage holes.
Plant 3 Rhizomes to a 14-16 inch pot.
Use a multi-purpose compost or John Innes No. 3 for your Gloriosa.
Site your Gloriosa Lilies where they will receive full sun to light shade, so on a window sill or in a conservatory would be ideal.
The root and shoot come from the same end and need to be planted downwards on a 45 degree angle in a triangle formation. They’ll figure out which way is up.
Plant the Rhizome 3-4″ deep and 6-8″ apart. The tip of the Rhizome can point out the top of the soil by an inch.
Take care NOT to touch the growing points on the bulbs; bumping and abraiding this area tends to reduce sprouting


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