Gloriosa – which way up?

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When planting should the tip of the rhizome that seems to be budding be down in the soil or just peeking out
Want to be sure as not sure how from the instructions supplied
Many thanks

HI Manick

Yes you need to point this sprouting end of the gloriosa downwards but on a 45 degree angle. Hope this helps.

The Hart Family

Message of thanks

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Denise H

Thank you for our order really pleased with the quality and size of bulbs received, looking forward to seeing them all in flower in the summer. Very impressed with gloriosa rhizomes.

HI Denise

Thank you so much for your lovely comments – we really appreciate hearing from our customers.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Hart Family

Voodoo lily & gloriosa plants

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John H

Do you stock voodoo lilies or similar and will they flower this year,same for gloriosa .can they be grown outside in sunny Warrington

We have the Cobra Lily and Gloriosa the Flame Lily. Both of which can be grown outside. We always suggest starting the Gloriosa off indoors and putting outside during the summer months.

Arisaema ‘Cobra Lily’ (Pack of 3) | Top Size Bulbs! (SKU178161)

Gloriosa | The Flame Lily (SKU17645)

The Hart Family

Flame lily care

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Liz H

What should I do with my gloriosa now they have finished flowering and how to keep them over the winter? They were beautiful, Many thanks.

Hi Liz

So pleased to hear how happy you have been with your gloriosa.

With regards to over-wintering your gloriosa : After your Gloriosa has finished flowering for the season, leave the foliage in place; don’t cut it off. The leaves will gather sunlight, create food through photosynthesis and strengthen the bulb for the future.
Leaves and stalks may be removed when they yellow.
Gloriosa Lily Bulbs don’t like to get too cold, therefore if the temperature drops to -7 degrees, you’ll need to lift Gloriosa lily bulbs and store them indoors in ever so slightly damp peat moss. Or you can just replace them next spring for another year of winged blooms.
Your Gloriosa lilies will rest for a few months before beginning the next growing cycle in the spring/summer. Ensure to start your gloriosas off indoors again next year.


The Hart Family

Gloriosa lilies

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Lois J

Now my gloriosa lilies have finished flowering do I stop watering or keep watering for the foliage.
Thank you

Yes you can stop watering them and leave them to die back naturally before removing removing all the dead foliage. It will then flower again next year. More instructions can be found here under the Care Instructions tab.


The Hart Family

Planting Flame lilies

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L. Barrowman

I have purchased 2 x 3 flame lilies from your website. Do I plant all three in one pot or one per pot? How deep should I plant the tubular?
Thank you

We advise planting the Rhizomes 3-4″ deep and 6-8″ apart. So it will depend on the size of your pot. If you wish to plant all 3 bulbs in one pot, I would suggest using an 18″ pot. If you look on our website, we advise planting the rhizomes on a 45 degree angle. A diagram can be found to show which way up to plant on the angle. I do hope that helps.
Kind regards

Loraine Hart

Locating the Fire Lily

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A. Keser

Hello, I am trying to locate a Fire Lily plant or bulb for my mother, I am struggling to find one online and wondered if you stocked them?

Yes we do stock the Fire Lily, it’s also called Gloriosa The Flame Lily. These are sent out next month and will flower in the summer. See link below.

Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs) (SKU17645)
Loraine Hart

Which way to plant a Gloriosa Bulb

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W. Arnold

How can I tell which way to plant a Gloriosa bulb? I can’t tell which is the growth tip and tail end?

Great question and this is one that baffles a few people. Below I have attached a diagram to show which way to plant a Gloriosa Rhizome/Bulb. It’s also best to plant the Gloriosa Rhizomes on a 45 degree angle as well.