How to get rid of red Lily Beetle

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M. Ball

Earlier in the year i purchased your candy cane collection and could not be more pleased so have just ordered another 18 lily bulbs and wondered if there is any insecticide to deter and kill lily beetle and where to buy it from. would greatly appreciate your help with thanks Mick

Ah that’s lovely to hear. Thank you for your continued custom.

Yes we have had some good results from diluted Neem Oil to keep the pesky Lily Beetle at bay! We recommend using a hand sprayer with 1 teaspoon of Neem Oil (5ml) plus a small amount of washing up liquid (as a surfactant) with approx. 500ml water. So 1 part Neem Oil to 100 parts water (1:100).
You can purchase Neem Oil online from Amazon I believe.
Loraine Hart